Schaeffler launches serial production of electric motors


Currently, Schaeffler reaps the fruit of its decision to create a specialized business unit of electric transport, adopted three years ago, at the beginning of 2018. The production of the mass production of various products at all levels of electrification indicates the success of Schaeffler in the field of electric transport and confirms its status status partner, which seeks to progress in the field of electricity. «We have been successfully transformed into a supplier of drive systems for environmentally friendly solutions in the field of electricity and have proven themselves as a reliable partner for our customers,» said Mattias Zinc, General Director of the Schaeffler AG AutoEechniki Division. — The key difference between Schaeffler is its technology in the field of components and system levels. We work in the field of electrical mobility for more than 20 years and understand the requirements for drive mechanisms. Our innovative potential as an international supplier of goods and services for industry and automotive industry, as well as our deep knowledge in the field of production make us an attractive partner for our customers. «

For the past few years, Schaeffler has consistently expanded its experience in the field of electrical mobility at the expense of a number of targeted transactions. At the end of 2018, Elmotec Statomat enriched the company’s experience in the field of winding technologies, providing Schaeffler the possibility of comprehensive coverage of all aspects of industrial production of electric motors. Another very successful acquisition in 2016 was the purchase of Compact Dynamics, specializing in the development of innovative concepts of electric drives. Meanwhile, the joint venture Schaeffler Paraavan Technologie is developing the Space Drive electronic control system — key autonomous driving technology.

Solutions for mass production at all levels of electrification

Schaeffler supplies technology for all electrified drive mechanisms. Since 2017, serial production of transmission axes with an electric drive — a key component of an electric axis axis system that provides optimal gear ratios and power transmission from the electric motor to the wheels. This is a very multifunctional component with a wide range of applications. For example, in the AUDI E-TRON on both axes, transmissions of the Schaeffler axes with various structural versions for the full drive are used. And Porsche Taycan is equipped with a highly efficient coaxial electrical transmission of Schaeffler to provide the necessary gear ratio on the front axle. In 2020, the coaxial electric transmission of the axis brought Schaeffler a prestigious PACE award, which is considered worldwide the sign of the success of projects in the field of automotive industry. In addition, Schaeffler received numerous orders for complex axial electric drives «3 in 1», which are a system that includes an electric motor, drive and power electronics. These are high-performance electric drives with an enlarged power density.

Electric motors: Serial production

This year, serial production of hybrid modules, hybrid drives and transmissions of fully electric axes will begin. The basis of the production of electric motors Schaeffler is a modular type technological platform with a high degree of integration. The competence of Schaeffler in the production and technologies of all components of the electric drive systems is the key to the successful industrialization of products, which is distinguished by both technological perfection and high profitability. Along with orders for mass production of electric motors in the Schaeffler passenger car segment, she recently recently reached, having mastered the segment of heavy operation devices for commercial vehicles. Schaeffler announced the order for mass production of electric motors with wave winding technology — technology providing high power density, as well as convenience when assembling.

Record order for special hybrid drives

As reported last year, Schaeffler received a record order for special hybrid drives. Since 2024, Schaeffler will supply the entire drive unit consisting of two electric motors and transmissions with built-in power electronics. The power system of 120 kW provides performance like a sports car, with low fuel consumption. «We show excellent results,» says Dr. Johan Schröder, the head of the Schaeffler’s electric transport business unit, — our range of modular solutions allows us to offer individual solutions for large-scale production in accordance with any customer requirements, — continues Dr. Schröder. » These successes of the electric transport business units reflect the general high authority of the company as a supplier of goods and services for industry and automotive industry. Schaeffler is a supplier of components, systems and services, as evidenced by an extensive product range.

Transmission axes with electrically driven Schaeffler are distinguished by a very compact design.

A wide range of applications from 20 to more than 300 kW: Schaeffler electric motors for hybrid modules, hybrid transmission and fully electrical axial drives

Specialized hybrid transmissions Schaeffler provide a rated power of 120 kW system.

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