Russians rushed into car dealerships and spent trillion.


The situation that has developed in the country’s automotive market can be called stir. Moreover, his signs began to be observed at the very beginning of the year, but then he was bought in connection with quarantine events.

Today, the market for new cars reigns an excitement and even marked the shortage of new cars, which has not been observed for a long time. But today we will look at the question on the other hand.

It turns out that from January to September inclusive, Russians

So still it is worth answering the question made in the title, and what did the Russian trillion spend on your trillion? To do this, we have compiled a table of twenty top models of the SUV segment of the Russian car market. Here, everything is on the palm, the whole structure, all the most popular SUVs and crossovers.

Table 1. Most popular SUV class cars in the Russian Federation

The Korean brand Hyundai became the most popular brand of class SUV of the domestic car market. His leadership is based on three crossovers of different classes —

Pay attention to the leader. Look at

And if you run through the top rating of SUV models, it can be noted that all major Creta competitors are far behind. Two and a half times the gap with the nearest competitor —

No less interesting «battle» for the buyer’s wallet goes in the next

It is worth stopping on French crossovers

Speaking about the trillion rubles spent by Russians on crossovers and SUVs from us, large and premium cars of class SUV should not be hidden. Heads Rating

And here

Well, in conclusion that our domestic UAZ SUV (UAZ) surrendered, skipping the Chinese brands of Haval and Geely forward.

Table 2. Popular grades of class SUV in the Russian Federation