Russians replaced Chinese favorite


It turns out that this is a fascinating occupation to track the market preferences of domestic motorists. Oh, how many amazing discoveries is preparing this occupation!

Firstly, that Chinese brands are crowded by the old-timers of the Russian market, our channel was noticed for a long time. And today again we state: the bog and dynamic Chinese brands are crowded by the Japanese. Last year, based on the high dynamics of sales growth, we only predicted this process. But today there are already all-knowing statistics show us results.

For the first time in all the time of our observations, the Chinese brand HAVAL hit the top 10 of the Russian car market!

This is undoubtedly achieving, and what else! This event occurred at the end of February. There is also a lacaround here, as last year in an interview with the Russian Gazeta, the head of the Chinese brand in Russia, Zherego, stated that in the SUV class Chinese Haval will be number 1 on the Russian market.

But the most interesting thing in the February ranking is of course the fact that at once two Chinese brands

However, there are ahead of these Chinese «assault» of positions

Table 1

Note that it is necessary to adequately evaluate the numbers, yet the Chinese brands are too young as long as the authority, which has Japanese and other «old-timers» of the Russian market. And with each step up the competition will only increase. The same haval increase sales twice and overtakes a pendant Japanese brand Nissan, oh, how to work. And in the current year we are unlikely to see this overtaking, like Haval and Chery «make» Nissan.

Of course, in a cut, only one month is soon cutting victory and beat the drums, but in principle, the trend is long-term, and the past February confirms it.

And what models have become Chinese bestsellers in Russia? And then the surprise awaits us again. In the last month of winter

Also in a sense, a surprise, because last year the leader among the Chinese was a localized and manufactured in the Tula region of Haval F7 alternately with Geely Atlas. And now Russian motorists in the souls turned out to be Chery.

And again you need to smoke somewhat from Euphoria. After all, the results of the current leader of the car Chery Tiggo7 Pro at three and a half times worse

Now we found out the market positions of the most popular Chinese. What other Chinese crossovers are popular with us? The first Chinese troika closes

And where are the leaders of the past Geely? On the fourth line fixed

The second dozen of the Chinese ranking opens

Recall that at the end of last year, Geely Atlas became the most popular car brand in Russia, which graduated from the year with the result of 7 311 pcs. And in second place is Haval F7 (6,782).