Russia will be another motor factory


Soon one engine plant in Russia will become more. To the motor plants in Kaluga Volkswagen Group, as well as in St. Petersburg, which is erected

On April 2, 2021, construction works began at the Tula region at the site of automotive engines of the Chinese company in the Industrial Park. The Chinese excavator Luigong took out the first bucket of the soil during the solemn ceremony of bookmarking new production.

Construction and commissioning of a plant of 10,000 square meters. m is planned to be completed in 2022. The company will collect

The Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Tula Region Grigori Lavrukhin at the ceremony noted that this is a significant stage in the development of the project on the in-depth localization of the assembly of cars in the region. «The new engine factory will help to attract autocomponents to the area of manufacturers. The Government of the Region supports the project and creates all the necessary conditions for its successful implementation. Haval — «Anchor» resident of our Industrial Park, «said Laurehin.

For the implementation of the project, a special investment contract was concluded (SPIK). The document was signed on September 25, 2020 between Havale Motor Manufechchuring Rus LLC, the Government of the Tula region and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Note that the Chinese automaker turned out to be the last on the list of foreign automakers, who managed to conclude a special investment contract. This will allow him to receive commissidia, in compensation for the scourge. Signing has been postponed for a long time.

In turn, the Chinese automaker assumed a commitment to invest a total of $ 42.4 billion in localization of car production and key components. The company will deepen the localization of cars, starting from the engine factory, the investment in which was previously estimated at 17.7 billion rubles. There is also an obligation to build an R & D center.

As for the company’s power units, then an interesting story here. The first Haval came to us 15 years ago and was a copy of the current Haval H5, which was previously called the Great Wall Hover. It was equipped with a 2.4-liter MITSUBISHI 4G64 gasoline engine. He then left the market, but returned, and from 2017 to January 2019, Hover was collected at the Stavropol Plant of Derways under the name DW HOWER with a 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine.

In the meantime, what motor will be produced in new production, Chinese management does not disclose. But here it is not necessary to guess. With a high probability, it can be noted that the choice will be made between two engines. Either it will be a senior two-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 190 hp, or it will be a turbocharger 1.5 with a capacity of 150 hp. These motors are installed on the F7, F7X models manufactured at the Tula company.

In addition, the President of Haval Corporation in Russia Zhang Junsyu said that this year the company plans to double the volume of car production. Given that last year the Plant «Havale Motor Manufechchuring Rus» released 14,448 car brand HAVAL, respectively, the plan for 2021 is

Recall that another Chinese automaker Chery is searching for a production site for organizing car output in the Russian Federation.

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