Russia hung on Skoda


Countries and regions of responsibility are defined in Volkswagen Group

Our channel received an official press release of the Czech automaker ŠKODA AUTO. It says that within the framework of the Volkswagen Group concern, the management of the Czech company will be responsible for certain countries and regions.

Thomas Shefer, Chairman of the Board of Directors ŠKODA AUTO, said: «I consider it very important that in the future Škoda will be responsible for the entire model line of the Volkswagen Group concern in the growing markets of Russia and North Africa, in addition to India. The fact that these tasks instructed us, emphasizes the high degree of confidence in the Volkswagen Group leadership to the ŠKODA team.

At the expense of the growing market of Russia, the Chef of the Czech brand was somewhat excited about, but the potential of the car market is still there, if oil prices go up, the volume of sales of new cars will go to growth.

However, a press release concerned a slightly different question, namely, on obtaining ŠKODA AUTO additional facilities in the Volkswagen Group manufacturing network. Our channel already

ŠKODA AUTO in the Czech Republic has two assembly sites. One main in young-Bestlaw 60 km from Prague. Other — in the town of Quasins. So in 2023 ŠKODA will transfer the production of its flagship — the next-generation Superb model from the plant in Quasina (Czech Republic) to the Volkswagen Group site in Bratislava (Slovakia). A change of location will free production facilities in the Czech Republic necessary for further brand growth.

To clarify all these little infant perturbations, it should be noted that the production facilities of automotive companies in Europe are chronically underloaded. It hits the economy of automakers. And from here we see such management decisions as transferring the release of the model from one site to another.

Now ŠKODA AUTO manufactures at the Kodiaq and Karoq KoDiaQ and Karoq, as well as SuperB, including Plug-in Hybrid Superb IV. Due to the fact that Superb will leave additional production facilities and the Czech brand can not only increase the volume of production of popular SUV, but also begin production of another model. In addition, the expansion of capacity will allow the company to reduce the time of execution of orders.

Thomas Schaefer, Chairman of the Board of Directors ŠKODA AUTO: «We are pleased with the decision of the concern about the disposition of production. It will help us to free additional facilities in the Czech Republic, in which we very much need for further growth. Thus, we took the course to expand the brand while maintaining high marginality. «

But if you return to the question about Skoda’s paternalism over Russia, I release in Kaluga new Liftbeks Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Polo is the first visible result of such a patronage.