Russia has grown to the American motor


The weakest link in the Russian automotive industry is the lack of a modern diesel engine for light commercial vehicles. A gas group for its «Gazelles» and «Valdaev» found them in China, at the factory in Beijing, from which it has been supplying Cummins ISB diesel engines for 10 years.

But it seems that the prospect of the production of diesel for light commercial vehicles on Russian soil. The fact is that the domestic group Sollers has just closed the transaction to acquire the production site from the American Ford to organize the production of diesel engines for a passenger commercial Ford Transit. The company has already received both the platform and equipment. It will produce a 2.2-liter turbodiesel, which is equipped with this LCV model.

The production of diesel engines will unfold in 2023, and before this will be upgraded by the plant. Since there were previously released gasoline engines for the Ford Passenger Line.

As you know, in 2019, American Ford was forced due to its internal difficulties and declared global production optimization to leave the Russian car market. Two assembly sites in Vsevolozhsk (Leningrad Region), where they produced Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo, as well as in Naberezhnye Chelny were closed. But another platform in the SEZ Alabuga continued to work, here the joint venture LLC Sollers Ford continued to produce commercial cars Ford Transit.

Ford has invested in the Russian car industry a huge funds of $ 1.5 billion, of which $ 275 million investments in the organization of motor production. The fact is that, according to an agreement with the Russian government («Promsbork-2», Ford pledged to produce a third of passenger cars with engines collected in the Russian Federation. For this, the engines plant in Elabuga was erected. But since the Ford passenger segment left Russia, the engine plant has stopped Release of gasoline engines with a volume of 1.6 liters and with a capacity of 85, 105 and 125 hp

The Sollers group, which today leads the Ford Transit assembly for a long time «put an eye» on this industrious. Recently, the joint venture «Sollers Ford» attracted a loan in the amount of 1.14 billion rubles. On the organization of serial production of diesel engines for light commercial cars Ford Transit. The funds of the bank are aimed at redeeming the existing industrial assets of the engine plant in Elabuga from Ford Motor Company.

Today, this deal is closed and the domestic group is the owner of this asset. However, the idea to convey the platform in any case is more profitable. Ford remains its owner through the joint venture, in addition he will receive royalty for the use of intelligent rights to the engine.

It is noteworthy that diesel engines for LCV still do not produce any automobile company in Russia. Now on the Ford Transit vans produced by Sollers Ford is set by the imported turbo dietorq volume of 2.2 l with a capacity of 125-155 liters. with.

The same motor can also receive the UAZ project — «Russian» Prado «,» but recently announced that this project is frozen. However, Ford Transit production is small. Last year, 13.9 thousand commercial vehicles were issued at the plant in the SEZ Alabuga. In the same period, the GAZ group released 25.9 thousand cars of the NEXT Gazelle.

Sollers to download engine production capacity, would not be against carrying out the mehowing and engine production for other automakers at this factory. Equipment capacity allow. «Now we are negotiating,» concluded in the company.

As is known, between Sollers and a group of gas ratios are stretched. Negotiations go with other companies.