Road Natsproject pulls the buses market


The National Project «Safe and Quality Automobile Roads», or BKAD 2.0 Recently, became a market driver … buses. The fact is that now in this grand project for the repair and reconstruction of the road network of the country there is a subproject for the renewal of the Passenger Technology Park. And it became the main reason for changing the landscape of the country’s bus market. Our channel analyzed the numbers and came to interesting conclusions.

First, about changing the positioning of the models of buses. Sales of buses groove fall. It is no secret that their main buyers are private carriers, and they now have a crisis. Therefore, the most common model of buses Paz-3205 and Paz-3204 enjoys ever with less demand.

Against this background, the sales of Liaz-5292 large class bus sales increased dramatically, practically approaching close to Pazikov. And the driver of this growth was the National BKAD 2.0 project, which will now be allocated federal means for buying buses. The first such competition for the distribution of funds was still in the spring. It was made a choice of 12 candidate cities. These cities received funds for the purchase of 447 buses in leasing. In most part, the choice was made in favor of Liaz-5292. This time was affected on the dynamics of this Likinian model, the sale of which jumped at once more than twice, compared with last year’s result. But the capital of Tatarstan — Kazan chose the nefhas of the new modification and did not give to bring the sales of the oil branch of KamAZ. By the way, the result of 150 units of the KAMAZ-6282 model is the final part of the batch of 300 electric drives for Moscow. And next year, 400 electric drives will be put to Moscow.

That is gratifying, so this is the appearance in the top 10 of the most popular models of the domestic market of two buses of the Minsk Automobile Plant. MAZ-203, which occupies the eighth line of the ranking, managed to sell in Russian cities not so much (155) buses. But the breakthrough can be called the appearance in the rating of the popularity of the domestic bus market of the articulated model MAZ-216.

Notice, not a single articulated arch except Minsk in the ranking of the domestic market of buses. And in this case, the «Lark» opens simply enough. The Government of St. Petersburg decided to carry out passenger transplant operation from minibuses and minor buses into large comfortable buses. Still in the yard of the XXI century, and the attitude to residents and guests of the city should not be as in some backward developing country located on the periphery of the world system. The choice was made in favor of the Minsk model of MAZ-216. His main difference from the predecessor of the MAZ-215 is that the bus is not built on the pulling scheme (the engine in the first section), but on a more complex pushing, with a motor in the feed: This allowed to get rid of the bulky motor mine in the middle of the cabin. Engine — Mercedes OM926LA Euro-5, gearbox — «Avtomat» Allison, among other features — German Hubner Hubner Hubner 24.2. Today it is the most expensive city MAZ, which is offered by Russian dealers: its price is from 14 million 444 thousand rubles. St. Petersburg purchased a batch of such cars. Of course, in other Russian cities, the articulated buses of Liaz-6213 also buy, but until they entered the top 10.

But in general, it is gratifying that in the country at the bus market, the role of buses of the city class has grown. And although the «rural» PAZ-3205 is not yet overthrown from the pedestal, on which it is already bangible for more than three decades, still it is gone and this should understand everything.

And now let’s look at the brand structure and its changes in the buses market of the Russian Federation.

The market of buses slightly asked (-9%), these are the consequences of the crisis and locked. But as already above, it was noted, he did not collapse, and the National Project of BKAD 2.0 and the procurement of buses by regional authorities was supported. The most serious position at Bakulin Group, the owner of the VOLGABUS brand (VolgaBus). True, today the order is started for Kuzbass cities, in particular for Novokuznetsk, the company will put 160 buses of VolgaBus.

The Kurgan Bus will also unwind the model of the middle class of Kavz-4270. But on the expanses of the country still many 9-meter Chinese who could replace the Kurricians.

Among foreign bus brands, the leading positions retain the «Chinese». And the point here is that our industry, although offers tourist buses, but carriers still bet on the Chinese with their excellent price / quality ratio. However, sales from Yutong and Higer collapsed more than twice. The crisis is again to blame. In the spring, when declaring quarantine events and Lokdanun, many regional governments banned the interregional transportation of passengers. And this ban on indirectly affected the purchases of the new bus technology.

Against this background, a four-time increase in sales in the European MAN looks surprisingly. However, this is the delivery of Lion`s COACH tourist class buses for the capital Mosgortrans. Here is such a market of buses of Russia of this year.

True, ahead of the new stage to the distribution of funds for the replacement of rolling stock in BKAD 2.0, which will bring many surprises.