Renault Riddle: Five new products under bedspread.


Today on January 22, a serial release of Renault Duster crossover started at the Renault Russia plant. And already on February 11, in a fashionable online format, its Russian presentation will be held and selling a long expected car class SUV. But our material is not about this novelty.

The thing is that in an interview with the newspaper «Izvestia», more precisely on its website

The first will be released, as we have already noted above, the second generation of Renault Duster. This crossover motorists waited not one year. Almost everything is known about him. But what does Renault roll off in addition to this car? Our channel carefully read an interview with Yana Ptachek and disclose what is encrypted.

Leader: general director Renault Russia said that the company will launch four more new cars, including models built

So, four new items. Let’s call two at once. NS

Second Model — Sandero

Neither with Logan, nor in the case of the Sandero version of the raised version of STEPWAY we do not allocate in a separate model.

What remains for the third and fourth new items, about which Ptachk told? Car in the body wagon. The fact is that Romanian Dacia produced a «shed» Logan MCV.

Last fall, the release of the universal was discontinued. And according to insider information, the universal will replace the crossover. It will be presented at the end of 2021. The following is known about him. The car is still an unknown name, it will be created on the basis of the CMF-B modular platform. The length of the car is not more than 4.5 meters, externally will look like an SUV, but only with the front-wheel drive. Will this most mentioned by the head of the Moscow office RENAULT of the size class C?

Today it should be borne in mind that the segment of universal closes two Lada — Lada Vesta SW and Lada Largus. These two cars have CROSS version. Either Renault will replace one of the domestic modifications, or complement its line of crossovers with this universal.

In addition, the Dacia Bigster crossover crossover can supplement the Renault crossover line presented with us.

In general, the French automaker commits an interest in its future new items both under the LADA brand and to new items with a stylized rhombic. Now just remains to wait for their release. And the first will be Logan and Sandero.