Renault refuses the full drive, Lada has a chance


Indeed, the French automaker Renault and his Romanian brand Dacia soon can lose all-wheel drive models. The thing is that the new CMF-B platform, on which the models such as Renault Clio, Nissan Juke, Dacia Logan / Sandero are built, is designed so that it is impossible to create a car with a wheel formula 4×4 on this cart.

This fact threatens the existence of the all-wheel drive version of the future generation DUSTER. The current version of Duster-II, as is known, is built on a modernized platform B0.

However, for European consumers, the fact of the absence in the Renault or Dacia line of the All-wheel drive car does not matter, since they are interested only in front-wheel drive vehicles.

But for Russia and the CIS countries, where it does not matter with the roads, and the departure to nature is accompanied by overcoming off-road, the lack of a full drive from the popular SUV class car is fraught with market losses. Recall that today in the sales structure

But while Renault lovers are not afraid of Renault, the new Duster-II after three years of delay when he appeared in Europe, finally goes to the Russian market. What will be the life cycle of this model? As a rule, at least seven-eight years.

But we would like to pay attention not to the French, but on the domestic models of AvtoVAZ. There is such a category of car enthusiasts that their leisure is conducted surrounded by wildlife. It was in this environment that the motorists recently had a great concern about the fate of the Chevrolet Niva car, which in one-time became Lada Niva.

As you know, the other day the presentation was a presentation of the updated Lada Niva, how much did this car changed, what happened to her off-road qualities, was worsened or improved her permeability?

Comparison of the characteristics of the former NIVA and the new iteration gives one noticeable difference between the current version and the future version of the SUV: the overall length of the pre-reform Chevy / Lada Niva is 4056 mm, and at the updated — 4099 mm. Thus, new bumpers have added a car to a slightly more than 4 cm.

From the point of view of geometric patency, it will slightly reduce the angles of entry and the congress, which make up 35 and 36 °, respectively. On the daily exploitation of the machine, this small decrease is unlikely to affect, and in severe off-road it is hardly strong.

However, the rest of the off-road arsenal will remain in the car, because by the technical part the machine will not undergo changes: a constant four-wheel drive, a handout with a downgrade and blocking of the inter-axis differential, 80 hp engine and 127 nm. The question is relevant here — how much will the popularity of this car rise after the facelifting?

The leadership of AvtoVAZ hopes that the brutal view of the last Faislifting Lada Niva in style A la Toyota RAV4 will give an impulse to increase the interest of domestic autoapplication. As far as it increases, the answer will give us a summary of the Committee of automakers AEB, with which our channel constantly introduces you.

Serial production of an SUV began on December 21, 2020 at the Lada West Togliatti plant. Tom the most used joint venture «GM-AvtoVAZ». At the solemn ceremony, the AvtoVAZ President IV Karacatzanis noted: «This is a great achievement, especially for the team» Lada West Togliatti «, which coped with a high quality and on time with this important project. Niva has a long history and a nice way. More than 650 thousand such cars today ride on the roads and off-road of Russia, the CIS and other countries.

And now the last phrase is somewhat discouraged. What will this be the news? So far, you can guess. For example, a new engine may appear in the rotor space and change the low volume of 1.7 liters. Today it is not worth building different assumptions, I still find out, because the information is constantly tearing from AvtoVAZ.

But still guesses can be built into one logical row. The fact is that the words of Iva Karakatzanis, the head of AvtoVAZ, have a subtle hint of significant potential for the modernization of the SUV.

The fact is that

And considering the fact that the previous generations of Renault / Dacia, we long delay and experience oligation and modernization, you can make certain conclusions.

A visual example of such a model policy AvtoVAZ is Lada Largus, which has just survived my homologation. As you know, Lada Largus is a Dacia Logan MCV car vespersal of the first generation of 2006. If in Europe this car has long been removed from production, it was replaced by the Dacia Lodgy model, then Largus lives with our lives.

For cheaper, AvtoVAZ engines coopered into it. Now updated everything that could be updated and its conveyor life will continue for a long time, since this is the third most popular car of domestic auto giant after Granta and Vesta.

At the same time in the Lada model range, two universal — Largus and Vesta SW. One on the French platform B0, the other on the LADA B / C platform of its own development.

Accordingly, if the conveyor life of the All-wheel drive current generation DUSTER will end in Europe, then in Russia it will continue, and for a long time. At the same time, at the same time, the conveyor life on AvtoVAZ will continue both the updated Lada 4×4 on the French platform and with Lada Niva, in which the AvtoVAZ president promises many important and interesting news.