Renault «Opplezit» Domestic Lada on modern way


Finally, a certainty appeared in what platform a model range of domestic autohydrote was translated. All previous specs and assumptions can be safely sent to the basket.

According to its own data of the Internet resource, the dome, which has become available internal documents of AvtoVAZ, the domestic giant plans to produce up to 600 thousand cars,

The CMF-B-LS architecture will be the basis for the promising model range of AvtoVAZ and will gradually displace their own company platforms on which models have been created.

It is noteworthy that the whole future model line LADA will be created on CMF-B-LS, with the exception

The document claims that the first commercial LADA and Renault in Tolyatti will be released already in 2021, and the project should be released in the period 2025-2026. Respectively,

Recall that at the end of June there was information that AvtoVAZ began to purchase equipment for cars on CMF-B-LS.

At the end of May, the Togliatti company «Steering Systems» (AvtoVAZ supplier) received a preferential loan from the Industry Development Foundation in the amount of 192 million rubles for the implementation of the project to locate the steering mechanism for machines on the Renault-Nissan CMF-B-LS platform.

CMF-B-LS is a modification of the new platform CMF-B, the Renault-Nissan alliance. The LS designation means Low Specifications, that is, a simplified version. Russia has not yet release cars on the CMF-B-LS trolley.

The latest Renault models for Russia are Arkana and Kaptur II crossovers — built on the basis of B0 + (this is an upgraded B0 architecture with a large number of improvements, according to representatives of the company updated by 55%).

However, promising LADA models are created on CMF-B-Ls. But how can the transition to a French platform affect the price tag and whether new cars will become sales hits as current models while a big riddle.

It has long been known from different leaks that the next generation Lada Granta will go to the French platform. Also, a new generation of Lada Niva will move on the French «cart», that is, a completely new Niva, whose prostinement — concept car Lada Vision 4×4 was shown at the 2018 Moscow Motor Show.

New Lada Granta promised to start letting out in 2021. Whether the problems of the current crisis will affect the timing of the current crisis, while it is unknown. The new generation of legendary Niva should be released next.

It is still unclear and the question of the motor range of new generations of these cars. It is possible that vase power units with a capacity of 87 hp, 98 hp will remain under the hood. and 106 hp However, leaks were also leaks about the development of a new gamma of motors.

Planned volume under 600,000 cars per year, these are the production facilities of two conveyor lines in AvtoVAZ. The line of the alliance on which today is released by Renault Logan / Sandero, as well as Lada Largus and Xray, is designed for 350,000 cars annually. The production of Lada Granta (where today Datsun cars are also designed to issue 240,000 cars per year.

Another line remains — the former third thread of the main conveyor of AvtoVAZ, which is still upgraded today, but not loaded. There are lada 4×4, and before Lada Priora.

Recall that recently in Romania was presented