Removed the pad from the exam for rights.


April 1 — day laughter. In Russia, this holiday is celebrated with traditional scope. Interestingly, what happened by the Guide to the traffic police, announced the introduction of a new order for passing the exam for a driver’s license.

How was and how it became

Previously, the exam consisted of three consistently performed parts:

Now there will be no sites. And the initial skills will be checked directly on the road, while putting practice.

It seems everything is logical. The theory, enshrined in practice — the best way to master any profession. Including — vehicle management skills.

It remains only to see what will work out from our valiant employees of the traffic police, leadership of driving schools who will train candidates for Wu.

Interesting addition

In fact, the inspector during the «practice» will still have to check the skills of the examiner, which were previously separated from riding in the city. It is in mind: the ability to trim into the hill and stop on the descent, to carry out parallel parking, skillfully maneuver between obstacles («eight»), etc.

Now all these skills Candidate will have to demonstrate during the passage of the practical part of the exam. What do you think: it will be easier? Of course not! A smartly extreme driver will have to not only monitor the observance of traffic rules, control the signs and properly take appropriate decisions on the go. This is also added part of the skills transferred from the site.

What we get in the end

The training system in a driving school is unlikely to change. Accordingly, pass the exam will become more difficult. Also known that since April 1, standard exam routes are abolished. Now the inspector may indicate the path to the driver in any direction. Run along the route and remember where which sign stands no longer. On the one hand, also good. But on the other?

What will a man doing, who plans or has already bought a car, but did not pass on the rights? If there were 500 thousand, 1 million and more on the purchase of a car, then may have another 20, 30 or 50 thousand. Well, you understand what ….

In any case, the results of the reform we will see and feel fast enough. After 1-2 years — for sure. So wait, let’s see!

What is your opinion? Does such reform need, will our drivers be more experienced