«Pazik» invincible!


In the history of the automotive market of Russia, last 2020 will be included as the first year of the federal program «Modernization of passenger transport in urban agglomerations» within the framework of the national project «Safe and high-quality roads» (BKAD 2.0.).

Recall that in 2020, the Ministry of Transport of Russia on the National Project «Safe and Quality Automobile Roads» began assisting regions in updating passenger transport.

But even such a powerful «injection» of federal funds could not reflect the situation on the country’s bus market. More than a quarter of a century on the country’s bus market

His model of a small class bus continues to head the top rating of buses of the country. Our channel analyzed the situation and explained why the Pavlovsky plant buses cannot be moved away even with the help of high national objectives of the National Project.

As you know, the groove specializes in the release of small and medium-sized buses. And the main buyers of Pavlovsky bus products are private carriers and municipal enterprises in small and small cities, carrying out both intracity and suburban transportation, as well as between rural settlements. Today, one of the additional channels of sales «Pazikov» is the acquisition of buses for the transport of schoolchildren on state and regional program «School bus». Therefore, in the brand stand «Pavlovsky bus» retained leadership, and it will keep it for a long time in the country’s bus situation.

This hints and such a fact. Funding from the federal budget for the implementation of public transport park updates in 2021 will be 3.5 billion rubles. Only 412 vehicles — 305 buses and 107 trolleybuses — will be delivered in 13 urban agglomerations that have passed the competitive selection.

And now we turn to statistics and scholars.

Table 1. Top 10 buses in Russia in 2020

In the second and third place on the Russian bus market there are brands specializing in urban buses. This is Lycinsky bus (LIAZ) and Neftekamsky bus (NEFAZ) plants. Total they lag behind the Pavlovsky bus. But for them, the share of buses that are purchased by the federal program of modernization of transport for urban agglomerations is only a small part of the total issue. Weighing share in the portfolio, for example, Liaza is a Moscow order, as well as orders for those regions where the Institute of Development of WEB.RF launches its regional transport reforms. As, for example, in Tver, where the order of four hundred liazov was purchased.

The Belarusian MAZ entered the top five leaders of the country’s bus market. Also, from the characteristic features of the domestic market of the Sample 2020, we note the sustainable positions of the buses of Chinese brands. Recall that the brands of Yutong and Higer are suppliers to the country of tourist class buses that work on long-distance routes in different regions. The first ten National Mark «Symaz» from Ulyanovsk is closed. These are small buses on the Isuzu chassis.

Immediately let’s notify that the most popular model of the bus of the Russian Federation in 2020, according to Avtostat-Info, was the model of a small class of Paz-3205. And in second place Pavlovsky bus Paz-3204.

For a long time in the model line of the Neftekham automaker was one 12-meter bus. Now KamAZ and his subsidiary enterprises have nefhas worth the task — to increase the production capacity of the enterprise for the production of buses located in the farmer’s neftekamsk almost twice. Instruct production capacity up to 3000 buses per year. These events are important for the further strategic development of the bus direction of the Kamsky Auto Giant. Sergey Kogogin, Sergey Kamaz, said: «We will refuse the old buses by 2024.» The usual nefase-5299 was replaced in the form of an upgraded version with a new body, which has already been given in a number of cities, such as Kazan, Moscow, Perm.

The model range of nefhas will also be increased, within which the 9-meter bus is already designed, and the 18-meter assembled and tests. There will still be a 18-meter electric office.

Practically, NEFAZ-5299 and LIAZ-5292 models are two «pillar» of the city buses of the country.

In addition to these models, the bus fleet of two capitals — the LIAZ-6213 «Harmoshka» is involved in the updating of the bus fleet of two capitals — LIAZ-6213 «Harmonica», and the Belarusian model of the MAZ-203, which has been placed on the eighth level of the rating. Likinskaya «Harmoshka» — on the 10th place of the rating. The Chinese in the ranking did not appear at the end of the year.

Table 2. Top 10 models of buses in Russia in 2020

Here is such a bus alignment on the car market.