OSRAM LEDRIVING SL: advanced LED technology at an affordable cost


OSRAM is an updated LEDRIVING® SL LED Light Light, designed to upgrade car auxiliary lighting.

The updated OSRAM LEDRIVING® SL range includes 30 positions of LED lamps for signal lighting and interior lighting, specially designed to replace standard light sources. The nomenclature presents lamps with 13 most common types of basements, the installation of which is carried out on the Plug & Play principle.

LED lamps provide a high level of brightness with color temperature up to 6000 K and are available in three colors: red — for dimensional light and braking signals, orange — for rotation signs and rear fog lights, and cold white — for use in DRL, reverse lamp, Illumination of the license plate and parking light. The instant triggering of LEDs improves the safe maneuver, which is especially important when you turn on the stop signals.

LEDRIVING® SL lamps with cold white light will help create stylish and comfortable lighting in the car’s cabin — from the central and «nadrum» light to the backlight of the lower part of the cabin, the compartments for gloves, the trunk and the workpiece.

Replacing standard lamps on high-quality LED allows 80% reduction in the cost of electricity to lighting and radically increase the intervals of the light sources replacement. The use of special materials and technologies OSRAM provide lamps for auxiliary lighting high reliability and resistance to vibrations and shocks.

All lamps from the current OSRAM Ledriving® SL assortment are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 4 years.