Osram Ledriving headlights — more light on off-road


For many off-road equipment owners, the installation of additional lighting equipment becomes an urgent need. To confidently move on off-road in the dark, regular lighting is often not enough. Unlike conventional headlights, mounted optics can be sent to any side — this will provide the driver full visibility and will allow you to better navigate in an unfamiliar area.

When road conditions require intensive lighting, reliable LED headlights of additional and working light OSRAM LEDRIVING come to revenue.
Created by advanced German technologies, these devices provide lighting with bright, almost daylight with minimal load on the electric system of the car. Most headlights have an ECE certificate that allows them to use on public roads in most European countries. All that will be required by the car owner is to correctly install and set up LED optics.

Powerful lighting without blinding

OSRAM engineers paid special attention to the design of additional and working lights. The devices of the Ledriving family provide high optical efficacy and uniform distribution of light without a blinding effect. A specially designed curved free form reflector allows you to increase the brightness and more accurately distribute the light by reducing the glare. When the road is filled with a bright light without blind zones and shadows, riding becomes comfortable — homogeneous lighting allows the driver to clearly see the roadbed and protects his eyes from overwork in long trips.


The headlights of additional and working light OSRAM are distinguished by increased resistance when driving around rough terrain. Durable aluminum case and unbreakable polycarbonate lens provide resistance to shocks and mechanical damage. These devices are not afraid of racks of tension, water and dust and will withstand any shaking characteristic of riding on country roads and forestry arrays. They are reliably working with extreme ambient temperatures, from -60 ° C to +85 ° C. Tested in the harsh conditions of the Arctic! Osram Ledriving headlights were used for auxiliary on-board lighting of SUVs of the participants of the large-scale expedition «Eurasia: from the edge to the edge» under the leadership of Bogdan Bulychev — they provided travelers to trouble-free lighting throughout the route held by ice off-road in the conditions of snowy forests and extremely low temperatures descended to Markers -64 ° C.

Additional optics for any tasks

The OSRAM Ledriving portfolio presents four line of additional and working lights with different types of lighting — narrow-controlled, scattered or combined light. Multifunctional devices operate in two modes — as an additional source of powerful high-end light and overall lighting. The headlight headlights of the Functional series are designed to improve the illumination of both the far and near zone in front of the machine. Slim products are made in a compact and thin case, which simplifies them as much as possible to the car. A series of Value offers car owners. Simple and reliable headlamps for auxiliary head and working lighting. On all products there is an OSRAM branded warranty for a period of 5 years.