Osram ledriving budget lamps with warranty


LED technology has long and firmly occupied their place in the automotive lighting industry. And if a couple of years ago, the LED headlight was the prerogative of the latest models of premium grades, now the powerful and economical LED lamps have become available to owners of new cars of the average price segment and possessors of post-warranty «cars» having halogen lamps in regular headlights.

The new OSRAM lamps of the special Ledriving HL series are suitable for popular H4 / H7 connectors and combine all the advantages of LED light sources at a completely deocratic price. They can be used in the headlight headlights of most cars found on the roads of our country.

The brightness is not harmful

Lamps for neighbor headlights OSRAM LEDRIVING HL emit white light with a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin. When the car owner first installs such lamps instead of the usual «halogen», it immediately notes a stylish cold shade of headlights and decently increased illumination brightness.

It is characteristic that the geometry of the LED element of OSRAM lamps is almost identical to the size and positions of the filament of the halogen lamp. This means that the light source will be precisely in the same position relative to the standard headlight reflector, which is halogen.

This is fundamentally important for one simple reason: the rays of light from such a LED lamp reflect and focus at the same points and on the same trajectories as the rays from the standard «halogenki». This is necessary to provide a headlight, equipped with a LED lamp required by light distribution parameters. In other words, the main goal of the replacement of «halogen» on the «LED» is reached: the correct «factory» light distribution is preserved, but the intensity of the light flux from the headlight increases almost twice *.

The bright LED light is much further and more clearly illuminates the road not only ahead of the car, but also on the side of the road. At the same time, the blinding of drivers of countercourses is excluded, which in the complex makes night driving more secure.

Reliability above all

With all the democratic price, the LEDRiving HL HP / H7 lamp has all the advantages of the German brand premium products. You can be absolutely sure that the OSRAM LED lamps will not fail on a long trip along the track, as this sometimes occurs unexpectedly with the «No-Name» LEDs of manufacturers. The «secret» lies in the fact that OSRAM LEDs work in the optimal temperature mode due to the application of the heat removal system — the technology protects the lamps from overheating.


Thanks to the compact body with integrated electronics, the installation of OSRAM LED lamps in the headlight is performed simply — according to the Plug & Play principle. As with the replacement of a standard «halogenki», the installation will not take much time — no changes in the design or wiring car do not have to.

LEDRIVING HL H4 / H7 lamps are addressed to owners of passenger cars and motorcycles that are ready to move from halogen lighting to LEDs without significant costs and get all the benefits of using modern energy-saving technologies. The retail price of the set of lamps of a special series is twice as lower than that of the premium products of the OSRAM LED Field. At the same time, the guarantee persists: on the LED lamps of the budget line it is two years from the date of purchase **.

Up to 110% more brightness compared to the requirements of the ECE R112 standard.

** Only for sale in Russia and Kazakhstan. These products do not have ECE approval and are not allowed for road use.