Nissan Qashqai reveals the secrets of the new generation


Skoda Karoq is appointed main competitor to the next generation of Nissan Qashqai.

Next generation of the Nissan Qashqai crossover.

The British edition of Autocar stated that it had officially confirmed facts about the third generation of a popular car. It turns out that his creators decided that he would be a competitor to Skoda Karoq.

The dimensions of the new crossover in the third generation will increase: plus 35 mm in length (up to 4412 mm) with an increase in 20 mm wheelbase (up to 2666 mm), plus 32 mm wide (up to 1869 mm) and 25 mm in height (up to 1620 mm ). Qashqai will become a little longer than Skoda Karoq, and will strengthen the leadership over the «Cech» in the size of the wheelbase. The volume of the trunk at Qashqai will grow by 50 liters — up to 480 liters.

The volume of high-strength steels compared with the current generation increased from 20 to 30%, the body rigidity increased by 41%. At the same time, the weight of the car was lower due to the composite door of the trunk and aluminum doors and the hood. At the mono-drive versions of Qashqai 3 there will be wheel wheels with dimension to 19 «and the rear torsion beam. All-wheel drive — multi-dimensions and wheels 20».

Another unpleasant moment. Diesels at the new generation of Qashqai crossovers will not be. The European line of power aggregates will be fully hybrid. For economic reasons, Nissan made a choice in favor of soft hybrids by 12 V, abandoning a 48 V.-based voltage scheme. The basis will be a 1.3-liter turbo engine that develops from 138 to 155 hp. It should be borne in mind that the crossover will be admitted to the UK at the plant in Sunderland. British authorities plan for 2030 to prohibit sales of cars with gasoline and diesel engines. And to this ban need to be prepared now.

In the Russian Federation, the engine ruler will differ from European, definitely. Also, instead of the preselative «robot», a CVT variator will appear. But there will be a manual box. The mono-drive versions of Qashqai 3 will be offered with both transmission options, all-wheel drive — only with a variator. There will be another hybrid version of the E-Power class, where the internal combustion engine will be used only as a generator for powering an electric motor; Its power is about 188 hp, the drive is only anterior.

At the same time, AutoCar claims that all these facts were confirmed by the management of Nissan. As for the appearance (on the topic of which the AUTOCAR designer fantasized in the render presented above), it is known that it will be relying to a certain extent