NGK sheds light on the role of incandescent candles that are best suited for installation for the winter


With the onset of frosty days, the launch of the diesel engine depends on its warm-up using incandescent candles. Eliminate the cold engine launch is capable of any candles, but some of them can provide additional advantages at low temperatures. We present to your attention new advice from international experts in the field of incandescent candles.

Just a few decades ago, a few seconds left for the launch of a car with a diesel engine in cold weather. The reason for this was the incandescent candles of the first generation, which worked at the peak for accelerated air heating in the combustion chamber to a high temperature, without burnout. Modern incandescent candles are able to provide thousands of fast cold starts even in the midst of colds, and some of them demonstrate the highest indicators. But why diesel cars need such additional support? Unlike gasoline, diesel engines are engines with self-ignition. The air enters the engine cylinders and due to strong compression heats up to 700-900 ° C, as a result of which it flammifies when fuel flow into the combustion chamber. However, in conditions of reduced or negative temperatures, heat loss is possible through cylinders, as a result of which the engine does not start. To achieve the required temperature, it is necessary to ensure additional air heating inside the combustion chamber.

A brief overview of the technology of boosters of incandescent

The ideal solution of the task of additional heating is modern incandescent candles. «Incandescent candles are a prerequisite for the work of any diesel engine, so it is necessary to have an idea of the principle of their action» — explains

There are two main technology of incandescent candles. These are incandescent candles with a metal rod and ceramic incandescent candles. Both technologies have their own characteristics of the temperature regime. Despite the seeming similarity of these two technologies, they are very different from each other according to the characteristics of resistance and voltage, which eliminates the possibility of their interchangeability.

Incandescent candles with a metal rod (in a protective housing), including with a standard rod, self-regulating candles for quick start (SRM) and candles with an improved rapid incandescent system (AQGS) have a heating spiral inside the incandescent rod from heat-resistant metal. Inside the rod is magnesium oxide in the compacted state. It protects the heating spiral from vibrations and acts as an excellent heat conductor, which quickly dispels heat outward, increases the temperature inside the combustion chamber and ensures ignition of the fuel mixture. The characteristics of the temperature regime of the spiral depend on the diameter and the length of the wire. And from these characteristics depends, in turn, the time of incandescent of the candle.

The difference between ceramic glow candles from candles with a metal rod lies in the fact that they are designed to work in even more extreme conditions. Due to the high melting point of ceramics, these candles can withstand quick heating to higher temperatures for a long time. Among the ceramic incandescent candles, the first generation of candles — self-regulating ceramic candles with a metal heating spiral (SRC), second generation — high-temperature ceramic candles (HTC) with a heating element of ceramics, and the latest generation — high-temperature ceramic candles (NHTC) with a fully ceramic heating element providing the best indicators. «


All Benefits of OE-Quality

Despite the fact that at present, the incandescent candles of both types are widespread in the after-sales service market, their quality and reliability depends on high-quality design and manufacturing (especially in winter).

This is confirmed by the words of the expert: «It is strongly recommended to use the incandescent candles from the recognized component manufacturer for the primary configuration. NGK SPARK Plug specialists from the 60s of the last century accumulate and transmit to lead worldwide producers their experience improving the operational and environmental characteristics of engine warming.

As an ideal all-season rate of incandescent candles for distributors, retail clients and car owners, NGK Spack Plug represents two brand line NGK Ignition Parts, which are very popular: This is yellow Line and D-Power. These rules include a total of more than 260 articles of incandescent candles for passenger cars, which covers most of the European fleet.

Many of them (including NHTC and AQGS) come to the after-sales service market immediately after the exit details for the original configuration. This guarantees a safe launch at a reduced temperature, reduce emissions when warming up and a more even subsequent operation of the engine. The high-strength candle coating (silicon nitrite) developed by specialists provides excellent thermal conductivity, gas-tight seal, body strength when tightening and protecting heating spirals. In addition, due to the special coating of the candle case, there are high corrosion resistance.

Indispensable for vehicles with diesel filters (DPF)

There is a reason why candles of incandescent of the modern engine must provide optimal performance all year round, and not just in winter. As the design of diesel engines, other additional functions began to perform other additional functions. In addition to the task of a cold start, they ensure the normal operation of the exhaust gas cleaning systems when the engine is running.

Incorrect operation of incandescent candles by car with a sump filter can cause the filter to clog up to the subsequent need to remove and replace it. Nevertheless, in contrast to the situation with spark plugs, car manufacturers do not establish a mandatory time for replacing incandescent candles, even with a gradual decrease in characteristics. «

So, the incandescent candles perform a much larger number of functions in the operation of diesel engines than it could seem.

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