New MAZ will conquer Russia


For the Minsk Automotive Plant, the Russian market is strategic, despite the fact that in recent years, Belarusian producers have conducted policies of multi-vector. Under this concept was understood by the search

But today we are talking about buses of the MAZ brand. They have proven themselves on routes in Russian cities. The fact is that the bus stamp is quite dynamic, generations change occurs. So today the new third generation of urban buses MAZ-303 was relevant. Their presentation took place last year. But already in the current bus received the approval of the vehicle (OTTS). But the most interesting thing is that the developers introduced immediately 8 modifications of this vehicle — 4 urban and 4 suburban.

The city buses interior is equipped with three doors, suburban — two. The layout of the cabin urban modification allows you to install from 26 to 31 seats (total passenger capacity — from 88 to 101 people depending on the version of the execution). In turn, in suburban modifications, a larger number of seats (from 32 to 34). At the same time, both in other embodiments are provided with accumulative sites with an equipped place for a wheelchair.

But it should be paid attention to the following features of this model, namely, compliance with environmental standards. Today in the Russian market, the new rolling stock must meet EURO-5 standards. And in the future, the requirements of EURO-6 will come into force. Therefore, the bus is offered with engines — row «six» Mercedes-Benz of different environmental classes. For EURO-5 — OM926LA with a volume of 7.2 liters, the developing capacity of 285 hp With the maximum torque of 1120 N · m. For EURO-6, this is a 7.7-liter OM936LA.6-8 with a capacity of 300 horsepower (1200 N · m).

It is possible to determine compliance with the fifth level by the model index — it corresponds to the modification 303065, 303165, 303265 and 303365 (determined by the last digit in the index). But the level of EURO-6 — modifications 303066, 303166, 303266 and 303366.

In this case, all MAZ-303 buses will be equipped with a hydromechanical transmission and an automatic 6-speed ZF 6AP1200B gearbox, as well as a portal rear axle with a double transmission ZF AV 133/83.

For comfortable movement, the suspension is important. And here the Minsk bus has features. The rear suspension on all modifications of third-generation buses is a dependent, pneumatic, four-bar.

But the front has differences. An optional front suspension version in the bus index is encrypted in the fourth digit. Modifications 303065, 303066, 303165, 303166 have a dependent suspension (0 and 1). Modifications 303265, 303266, 303365, 303366 — independent (2 and 3).

The use of anterior dependent suspension has its advantages: in the modes of the urban motion in comfort, it is practically not inferior to an independent, while it has much less service points, which makes it possible to abandon the automatic lubricant system.

Dependent front suspension on MAZ-303 buses is a pneumatic, two-blatant, with a wrought beam, two longitudinal reactive rods and two installed V-shaped rods, with two telescopic shock absorbers, with one floor level sensor.

Independent suspension is a pneumatic, two-beam, with two shock absorbers and four A-shaped levers, with two floor level sensors.

It is clear that the appearance in the line of buses of the MAZ of the third generation of modifications with euro-5 engines and a simpler dependent front suspension is due to the intention of Minsk citizens at least to preserve its presence in strategically important markets, primarily in Russia, where competition in

Therefore, simpler configurations are provided, allowing to reduce the cost of the bus. You can order standard paired seats, and not one-time. Glazed hatches should be replaced with metal, also order a standard fencing of the accumulative platform. The climatic installation will become an option, as well as wheel wheels, steel or aluminum.

Recently test tests of the new generation of massets started in Sochi. Maz-303065 went to the resort city with factory number 2. This bus is equipped with climate control, GLONASS satellite navigation equipment, video surveillance system, media information system monitor, automated payment control system, driver control system, electronic fire extinguishing system and sound signal reverse. Capacity — 96 passengers, including sites for seating — 26.

Another innovation of this copy is an air disinfection system with ultraviolet lamps in a special protected housing that does not allow ultraviolet to affect somehow people capable of destroying up to 98.9% of harmful viruses.

The MAZ-303065 yield is also expected to test in Minsk.