New Logan and Sandero are already on sale.


Today, the new generation of Logan and Sandero is already on the assembly conveyor and in car dealerships. After the September presentation of the third generation cars, quite a bit of time passed, and the Logan / Sandero family was prescribed on the conveyor of the Romanian enterprise in Pitesti. And if you walk along the national European sites of the Romanian automaker DACIA, then these models can already be ordered. Our channel specifically focuses on the fact that these cars appeared not in the Russian market.

Since recently very often in the news Russian-speaking automotive ribbon began to meet information about the start of sales of a new model or its popularity. But then it turns out that this event occurred in some distant India or Brazil, and this information for Russian is almost useless. Our channel decided to approach the lighting of the new Renault Group somewhat differently. After all, these cars whose sales began under the Dacia brand will definitely appear under the Renault Shotkik after some time period.

Some European motorists worried if the new generation will remain in the budget segment, or when changing generations, prices will increase and the trace will not be left from the past availability? Why do we emphasize this attention?

As it turns out, consumers in different countries are very different, and among them there is a layer of such that the car is needed as a utilitarian vehicle, capable of deliver from point A to the point B. They are not interested in the appearance of the car, no number of stars that he earned on the results EURO NCAP crash tests, no such supercordes, etc. The bottom line is that it is not necessary to a student from Nanta, a housewife from a provincial town or a naturalized migrant of the first generation, which found a good job in Europe. It is on this contingent that this family is calculated.

Today it is known that the «plug of prices» on the new hatchback Dacia Sandero ranges from 8400 Euros per version of Access with a 65 liter SCE engine. with. Up to 12.950 euros for the Comfort version equipped with a TCE 90 engine and a variator. Given the current currency rate is the price range from 760 thousand rubles. up to 1 million 180 thousand rubles. It is quite acceptable for a budget foreign car.

For a number of markets, this family is released in Romania as Renault Logan and Sandero, for example, for the Ukrainian, Turkish and markets of several countries of the Middle East and North Africa. In Turkey, Logan is sold as Renault Symbol.

That Russian will greatly surprise, it is a motor range of cars. Logan and Sandero are produced with three types of engines, two of which gasoline (with a capacity of 65 liters and 90 l. C). No diesel engine. There is a gas engine version on liquefied gas, with power characteristics of 100 liters. with. Both models have from three sets (Access, Comfort), thereby providing an adequate response to waiting and needs for certain categories of a wide range of customers, both individuals and legal entities. Also receive orders and on Sandero Stepway.

As for the Sandero Stepway model, it is presented in two options (Access and Comfort), with TCE engines with 90 liters. with. and Eco, 100 hp All models provide a 3 year warranty or 100,000 km).

The engines are also released here at the factory in Romanian Pitesti for a long time since 2012. And these are not too powerful three-cylinder turbosters TCE 90 hp

But it is appropriate to ask a question, and when will these models appear on the Russian market? And with what motors?

Immediately give the answer. Not earlier than in two or three years. The fact is that Renault sells we have only localized models manufactured either on AvtoVAZ, or at the Renault Russia Moscow Plant.

Accordingly, the setup to the models conveyor takes time, in addition, these models require refinement to operate in Russian conditions.

However, this practice applies to other automakers. For example, with some temporary lag, the Czech automaker Skoda is brought to the Russian market. The new Octavia appeared in the Russian Federation a year later, after the debut in the Czech Republic and in other European markets, as long as local production was established in Nizhny Novgorod at the capacity of the gas group. The Skoda Karoq crossover began to produce both Skoda Karoq crossover, which debuted in 2017, and in the Russian car dealers of the Czech brand appeared in March last year.

Even Korean Hyundai will withdraw the second generation of the most popular Hyundai Creta crossover from us only this year, although in other markets it is sold for two years.

However, our motorist is interested in the following question. And with which motor gamma will offer Renault his bestseller? Are European turbocharged motors in motor vehicles do European turbocharged motors in motor compartments?

To estimate this question, it is necessary to remember that while Renault Group holds for gasoline engines of the following rules. The atmospheric engine with a volume of 1.6 liters of partner in the Nissan HR16 Alliance, which is now known as Renault H4M, with a capacity of 113 hp, the production of which is mastered on AvtoVAZ, will be left with a high probability. There are measures to increase localization. Our canal

For more powerful engines, the following occurs.

In this regard, we were attracted by the Interview of the Renault Product Manager in the Eurasia region Anatoly Kalitseva, given by them AA Avtostat. He told: «Turbomotors are undoubtedly the future of the automotive market of Russia. Customers are increasingly paying a decrease in fuel consumption, while the requirements for the vehicle dynamic are growing, and the turbo engine, it is not better to meet both these trends. Therefore, almost all new models of internal combustion engines developed throughout the world have turbocharging. We believe that the share of turbobologists will grow steadily, this trend will increasingly touch the mass segment, many manufacturers will appear turbo engines. «

In other words, the Logan / Sandero model is also implied under the mass segment. So it is not excluded that the TCE90 may appear with us. But will this motor come up on AvtoVAZ conveyor? In general, we are waiting ahead of the intrigue.

Another interviewed in the material mentioned is asked: «… how long will the old engines, who are no longer in Europe, nor Korea will keep in production for Russia? So they will not go anywhere, and accustomed to the superior, as accustomed to injection, «automata», power steering. «