New line of equipment for professional tire


Company «TECHNOKAR» — Russian manufacturer of stands similar to the «techno vector», presents a new line of modern equipment for professional IPRO tires — tire and balancing stands.

Balancing stands IPRO is its own development and production of Technocar, represented by two models: VM4 and VM5. Stands are equipped:

• Color monitor 21.5 »

• microcomputer with a powerful processor for high measurement accuracy

• Wi-Fi transmitter for connecting to an external server or internet

• LED illumination of the inner surface of the disk

• electronic measuring ruler to automatically determine the size of the inner surface of the disk

• ultrasound sensor for measuring wheel width


• Laser pointer for accurate designation of the location of the load.

In addition, the IPRO balancing features a disk geometry measurement function. After measuring throughout the circle, the program displays the minimum, maximum and nominal deviations.

IPRO tire machines are represented by four models: 1-speed semi-automatic with a TM 5 rotary console (to work with steel disks with a diameter 12 » — 24 » and aluminum — 10 » — 22 ») and 2-speed automatic with a deflected mounting stack TM 7, TM 7A, TM 7B (serviced steel discs with a diameter of up to 26 » and aluminum — up to 24 »). Stands are equipped:

• Pneumatic automatic cylinder for lifting / lowering the mounting head

• Self-centritable 4-cam protective mechanism of the turntable

• Powerful device for separating the edges of the tires with a lining for careful work with disks and rubber

• Plastic treads for all tools in contact with the rim

• Device «explosive» pumping (for TM7, TM7A, TM7B)

• Multifunctional pneumatic device to facilitate installation / dismantling low-profile, wide and hard tires (for TM7A and TM7B)

• A pneumatic cylinder for automatically controlling the positioning of the working head vertically (for TM7B).

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