New compressors OSRAM TYREINFLATE: Monitor tire pressure has become easy and convenient


Tire manufacturers and car experts constantly remind drivers about the need to regularly monitor tire pressure. Insufficient pressure entails increased fuel consumption, intensive abrasion of protector shoulder zones, increasing the braking pathway, deterioration of the course stability and controllability and even risk of disrupting or destruction of the tire at high speed. Increased pressure, in turn, is accompanied by non-uniform wear of the central part of the tread, a decrease in transverse clutch and reactions to the taxi.

However, many car owners are not accustomed to regularly monitor tire pressure. Various studies have shown that individual users consider automotive compressors not sufficiently reliable and convenient in circulation, others experience difficulties with the addition of the hose fitting to nipple and reading the testimony of the pressure gauge. Special discomfort causes tire maintenance in bad weather and the dark day.

These problems decide the new series of compact compressors OSRAM TYREINFLATE, which meets the Good-Better-The Best approach — from the base product to the top. All devices distribute a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Practicality and reliability in a compact building

OSRAM TYREINFLATE compressors line includes three models similar to design and main constructive solutions. A round flat form provides stability when working and allows you to conveniently place the device in the trunk or inside the spare wheel. Each compressor is equipped with a large turning on-shutdown button, which is conveniently pressing with a foot if necessary; There is a compartment for temporary placement of caps of nipples. Power cable with a standard 12 V connector and air hose are quickly removed inside the housing, and replaceable adapters allow you to pump inflatable boats, mattresses, balls, wheels of baby strollers, etc.

Initial model OSRAM TYREINFLATE 200

Osram Tyreinflate 450

Flagship model OSRAM TYREINFLATE 1000