New Chinese achievement in the auto industry, about which Russia only dream


Development of diesel engines is a very simple process. Our channel has already covered the development problems several times.

On September 16, 2020, the leading Chinese company in WEICHAI auto industry held a press conference in Jinan in the province of Shandong, where it officially announced the release of the world’s first commercial diesel engine with thermal efficiency above 50%.

At the conference, the authoritative international organization for testing internal combustion engines is the German TÜV SÜD and the Chinese organization for professional testing of internal combustion engines «Chinese Research Center of Automotive Technologies» passed Weichai Certificate Corporation confirming that the thermal efficiency of the new WP13H560E65 diesel engine exceeded 50.26%.

Thermal efficiency is a criterion for estimating the efficiency of fuel use for internal combustion engines. The higher this indicator, the less fuel consumption, the higher the energy efficiency of the motor. Since the invention of the engine in 1897, when the first OI was developed and built, during this period the evolution of modernization and technological innovations increased the thermal efficiency of the diesel power unit from 26% to 46%. Today, with tightening technical norms of emissions, an irreconcilable contradiction of two performance of diesel engines was designated: ecology and efficiency.

If you repel from the statistical data growth of the thermal efficiency of the diesel engine in the world, then, as the emission standards are constantly tightened, the process of growth of thermal efficiency slowed down significantly, while increasingly increasing the complexity with which this increase is achieved. This problem has become the global technological difficulty in the engine industry.

The WEICHAI Chinese Corporation is not new to the industry, it is actively working in the engine for more than 70 years. During this period, the Corporation has accumulated an extensive technological base and experience in the production and development of diesel engines. Over the past 10 years, the Corporation has invested 30 billion yuan, attracted a solid personnel team consisting of more than 200 doctors of science, more than 300 highly qualified specialists from around the world, more than 3,000 researchers to participate in their developments. This allowed the company from the subway to carry out a leap in the development of its own innovative technologies in the field of diesel engines. In Weifang in China, the Corporation built the world’s largest plant that could produce and sell more than 1 million units of technology, and also achieved a breakthrough in the field of technologies for the power transmission of commercial vehicles, the force transmission of a stepless transmission and hydraulic power transmission. This most corporation filled the gaps that exist in China in the field of these three main technologies, and ensured a permanent increase in the quality of Chinese chains of diesel engines.

The past few years Weichai Corporation concentrated its resources for engines efficiency projects. In 2015, a special team on technological innovation was formed. Experts, working on improving the efficiency of the engines conducted a titanic work: built the numerous modeling of the combustion process, conducted a huge number of stand tests, studied and analyzed similar projects, were constantly in search and improved existing solutions. Each innovation introduced by them added an increase in thermal efficiency for every 0.1%, until finally, they did not achieve a historical breakthrough.

Five special technologies were developed and implemented — technology of consistent combustion, agreed design technology, exhaust energy distribution technology, lubrication zoning technology and intellectual control technology. This set of technology made it possible to solve a number of difficulties common to all engine builders — effective combustion, low heat transfer, high reliability, low friction loss, low emission of pollutants and intelligent control. This eventually allowed to increase the thermal efficiency of diesel engines above 50%.

Weichai not only announced the creation of the world’s first diesel engine with thermal efficiency exceeding 50%, but also was able to meet compliance with the level of emissions corresponding to the National Standard G6 / EURO VI, the first has created opportunities for serial production and product commercialization. Specialists of the industry indicate that the increase in thermal efficiency from the level of 46% to 50% will reduce the flow rate of diesel by 8% and reduce CO2 emissions by 8%.

If you repel from the current estimate, according to which the number of heavy diesel engines in the Chinese market reaches 7 million units, then in the event of a replacement of all diesel engines to new, it will be possible to save about 33.3 million tons of diesel fuel per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 104, 95 million tons. This will be a huge contribution to the solution of the energy crisis and in the fight against global warming.

The leadership of the Chinese Corporation puts the goal — to achieve the creation of a motor with efficiency of 55%. And for some reason I have no doubt that they will succeed.