More than Light: Osram expands the range of automotive accessories


OSRAM German company for its almost 115 years of history, first of all, earned a reputation as an authoritative developer and automotive lighting producer and is now expanding the range in the car access market. In autumn, the brand has demonstrated a compact Airzing ™ Mini air purifier, and this winter portfolio has been replenished with compact starting devices. Other actual lineups of accessories are expected in the future, including components for periodic planned replacement in the car.

Expanding the range, OSRAM not only uses its own technologies, but also refers to the experience of other developers recognized by experts in their field. An important stage in the development of the company of new markets was the acquisition by the company in 2019 a large British supplier of autocomponents and equipment Ring Automotive, which has its own engineering and production base, as well as a large network of representative offices — more than 3,000 in 60 countries. As a result, OSRAM received a new expert and production basis, increased sales channels and expanded the product portfolio for after-sales service of cars.

Developing new rules, OSRAM specialists learn consumer requests and evaluate promising technical solutions. Based on a thorough analysis of the brand creates a premium-level product, which is expressed in the attractive and ergonomic design, functionality and reliability of devices with the official guarantee of the manufacturer. The OSRAM logo on automotive accessories helps consumers make a choice in favor of verified quality, and the developed trading network provides after-sales customer support.

Compact launchers

In January 2021, sales of OSRAM BatteryStart launchers began. This category of accessories is particularly relevant for Russian operating conditions — it has a pronounced seasonality and more in demand during the cold season. OSRAM launchers will help to quickly start the engine when the main battery does not cope with this task — if it is discharged due to cold weather or non-successful side electrical equipment.


BatteryStart 200, 300 and 400 launches are distinguished by the possibility of starting the engines of different volume and power and its own capacity — 6000, 13000 and 16800

OSRAM launchers are equipped with convenient clamps with improper connection, short circuit and overload. They provide USB slots to charge tablets, smartphones and other gadgets — one in the basic model and two connectors in the rest, the Micro-USB cable is included. Also, all models are equipped with an LED flashlight for working with insufficient lighting. The OSRAM BatteryStart 200, 300 and 400 devices are distinguished by a quick full recharge after the working cycle, which, depending on the model tank, takes two or four hours.