MEYLE company awarded the Top 100 Innovation Award


MEYLE has once again entered the list of the most innovative companies, having received a special mark

MEYLE has achieved high results in the categories «Stimulating Top Management Innovation» and «Innovative Processes and Organization». In particular, the jury appreciated its own digital solutions to the company forming its significant innovative potential. It is worth considering the context associated with the proliferation of coronavirus: Meyle very quickly responded to the current situation, offering individualized solutions to partners, such as Meylexperience — a digital alternative to the autoChanika industry exhibition — as well as training and work with clients in the online format. The company’s fast reaction to the coronavirus pandemic indicates a high level of its digital processes. For example, Meyle introduced flexible regulation of the work schedule of employees and quickly moved to almost completely digital processes, forming a comprehensive technical structure based on MS Teams and SharePoint. «In terms of pandemics, we have finally become clear that the future for digital technology,» says Karl Gerutner (Dr. Karl-J. Gaertner), Chairman of the Board of Meyle. — We were able to introduce new methods of work, to build digital processes and, despite the restrictions of contacts, almost completely maintain their daily activities. It would be impossible without the readiness of our employees immediately go to the digital mode of operation, and I am infinitely grateful for it. «

Among other things, the result of the implementation of the company’s innovative potential is embodied in its meyle-hd products, Meyle-PD and MEYLE-KITS sets.

«On the example of the components of the MEYLE-HD line, we can see that we are not in words, but in fact, adhere to an innovative approach, which is embodied in specific products that can bring advantage of motorists and auto repair shop,» André Sobottka: André Sobottka, Mejle Board Member , Consumer Sales, Marketing and Communication. Back in 2018, the MEYLE-HD’s rear transverse levers of the rear transverse levers was awarded the Innovation Award award, the ceremony of the presentation of which was held within the industry exhibition Automechanika Frankfurt in the «Repair and Service» category.

«Getting a reward TOP 100 Innovation Award is a sign that we develop the best autocomponents, solutions and services for our customers. It motivates us to continue to work in the selected direction and do not stop at what has been achieved, «concludes Andre Sobottka.

«Companies included in the TOP-100 are constantly working on the development of their own innovation potential,» his scientific leader comments on the results of the competition, Professor Nichaus Franke.

The official award ceremony will take place on November 26, 2021. At the 7th summit of small and medium-sized businesses in Germany, which will be held in Ludwigsburg, the winners of the Top 100 Innovation Award Award will take greetings from the rank of Yogshwara (Ranga Yogeshwar), acting as a curator of the competition for ten years.


Since 1993, COMPAMEDIA has been awarded to the Top 100 Prize in the Middle Business segment for special innovative potential and outstanding progress in the implementation of innovation. Since 2002, the doctor of science is responsible for the scientific leadership of the competition, Professor Nicaus Franke. It is the founder and member of the Board of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Vienna, the University of Economics and Business. The owner of 25 research premiums and author of more than 200 publications, Nicaus Franke is one of the leading international experts in the field of innovation research. Curator of the Competition — Scientific Journalist Rank Yogshvar. The project partners are the Society for the Promotion of Applied Studies named after the Fraunhofer and the Federal Association of Small and Medium Business Enterprises. Competition Partners — Impulse and Manager Magazine magazines. You can register and find out the conditions for participation in the competition at