Meet the novelty from Mahle.


Ozonepro is a professional ozonation system that is included in the list of services of your car service. Mahle offers smart technology to achieve reliable results. The disinfection process is fully controlled by special software, which with the help of the sensor analyzes the level of ozone concentrations supplied to the car interior until the perfect threshold value is reached. Then this level is constantly maintained during the entire period of time required for disinfection, through a special strategy that takes into account the type of vehicle and the state of its cabin.

Why is the disinfection of the car’s salon?

Viruses, bacteria and fungi can hide in the upholstery and the air conditioning circuit of any cars entering your workshop. For your safety, as well as for the security of your employees and customers, it is recommended to carefully process the car’s interior.

Ozone (O3), widely used for disinfection, makes viruses detected on surfaces, and disinfects the salon, removing fungi and bacteria.

Recognized as a natural disinfectant, ozone has a wide range of applications: its disinfecting effect can be used in air, water, on solid surfaces and tissues.

What is the advantage of ozone as means for disinfection? Ozone is natural gas, widely used in sanitary devices, due to its ability to destroy the molecular structure of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Each ozone molecule (O3) occurs in nature by means of an electrical discharge by separating several oxygen molecules (O2) to individual atomic oxygen molecules (O1). This is formed a new 3-atomic molecule. The new molecule is short-lived: ozone quickly disintegrates, turning into oxygen in just a few minutes.

The OZONEPRO device from MAHLE uses the same process.

Thanks to the ceramic plates with the crown effect, the ozone is generated in the environment in accordance with the parameters of the disinfection procedure. This technology allows you to generate a large amount of ozone in a short time, which helps to quickly achieve the required level of saturation and significantly increases the efficiency of the device compared to other existing systems.

A distinctive feature of Ozonepro is a multifunctional sensor, which determines the concentration of ozone, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure. Based on this data, the processor defines the main parameters, such as processing time, ozone concentration. Another advantage of the equipment is to control using a mobile application that allows remote control of the process in automatic mode.

The system also eliminates unpleasant odors caused by bacteria, fungi and mold in the car