Mazda: from a sedan on the crossover


Among Japanese automakers, Mazda can be attributed to the second row of the automotive market players, and not only in Japan, but also in Russia. Such a small company is difficult to «grab the stars from the sky.» Independence at today’s car market is expensive. Not in vain, for example, Nissan and Mitsubishi entered the Alliance with French Renault, but Subaru stretches to Toyota. Yes, and actually the Japanese government would not be against if the two largest car companies of the islands of the Rising Sun — Toyota and Honda created a new car union, becoming the largest (or one of the largest) automakers of the planet.

However, Mazda had the experience of such an alliance building with Ford, which belonged to 20% of the shares. At that time, the American concern also belonged to the Swedish car distributor Volvo. But just over 10 years ago, the Alliance fell apart. There were only cars of the past generation, created on the same platform — Ford Focus-II, Mazda3, Volvo S40.

We have, as you know, still Ford Focus of the second generation is the most popular model as

And this is a logical result, Mazda3 leaves the Russian market. Four-generation Mazda 3 family has entered the Russian market in the summer of 2019. The fact is that «Treshka» brought to us from Japan from the factories in Hiroshima and Hofu, and at the price they almost equalized with the sedans of Mazda 6 Russian assembly. From January 1, 2020, the Government of the Russian Federation once again raised the recycling rate, and Mazda 3 would be even more expensive. The last batch of cars from Japan Mazda brought us back at the end of 2019. According to AEB, in the first eight months of the 2020th in Russia, 385 last year’s «Trex» sold, and now reserves in the warehouses of dealers almost dried out.

But the Japanese company is not going to lose the Russian market due to the reduction of the model range. As it became known, the third crossover in the model line «Matsuda» (so the Japanese call Mazda) will be the younger model CX-30. By the way, Mazda goes to a two-digit designation and a new generation of Mazda CX-5 will be referred to as CX-50.

So, as the resource DRIVE, the compact crossover Mazda CX-30 can get to the Russian market until the end of this year, the information appeared on the basis of reference to the dealers of the Japanese brand. The car received the approval of the type of vehicle (FTS) in September. It indicates that the cars for the Russian market will be collected at the Mazda-Sollers enterprise in Vladivostok, and not in Japanese Hiroshima.

Recall that the CX-30 crossover is built on the Mazda3 platform. The car will be offered with a non-alternative 2.0-liter atmospheric motor SkyActiv-G with a capacity of 149 hp The engine works in a pair with a six-bit manual gearbox or machine gun and refills 95th benzine. The choice will be available front or four-wheel drive, and the latter is only the option with an automatic box.

Here is such an interesting rotation. The imported model is reduced due to the disposal collection, and the localized model comes to its place. Our channel told that the utilization fee is the cause

However, returning to Mazda needs to be understood that such independent automakers are needed by world auto industry. As you know, one of the «chips» of Mazda since the 70s of the last century was the development of rotary vannel engines. The company achieved interesting results in this direction. Now this direction will be promising. The Mazda line in the near future models will appear with rotary engines. This was told by the head of Akira Morrowo. Rotary engines are planned to be used as part of a hybrid drive model Mazda MX-30. In this case, the rotary motor will perform the function of the energy generator, which will feed the electric motor. The crossover Mazda MX-30, by the way, will be released next year in the «clean» electric vehicle. The first serial prototypes of Mazda hybrids with rotary motors will begin to test at the beginning of next year. About what other brand models will receive such a drive until it is known.