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Line of filters

The company offers an exhaustive selection of oil, air, fuel, cabin filters for passenger cars and commercial equipment, including carbamide filters for diesel engines and moisture cartridges under MAHLE brands and Knecht.

Five reasons Select MAHLE filters

• quality of the manufacturer of original components

• Reducing operating costs up to 5% due to higher degrees of cleaning and low resistance compared to conventional filters

• Confidence in trouble-free operation from replacement to replace


• Accessibility: the price of the high-quality filter MAHLE is several times lower than the cost of one fuel refueling — the benefit from use is obvious

Innovative cabin filter CareMetix® fully blocks unpleasant odors and harmful substances, with which ordinary filters do not cope

Technology multi-level protection

During the operation of the car through the interior, every hour passes up to 100,000 liters of air, often contaminated by harmful, allergenic substances and smells, with which ordinary filters do not cope. The only barrier against pollution — CareMetix® is the world’s first filter with multi-level protection S5 technology.

• 5 layers of filter materials provide 5-fold protection

• layer of highly efficient small particle filter

• Molecular layer

• layer of filter activated carbon

• Biofunctional activated coal layer

• Protective layer

Mahle represents the innovative concept of CleanLine® fuel filters. They are specifically designed to solve a common operational problem — the presence of water in diesel fuel

Advantages of Cleanline filters:

• Higher moisture efficiency

• three times more effective compared to conventional filters throughout the service life

• Increased protection of the engine fuel system components

• Reducing the cost of maintenance nozzles and fuel pumps

• high-strength polyamide case with a built-in transparent drive

• Lower cost per kilometer run

• Wide applicability — Most analogues replaces the small nomenclature

Mahle produces filters for 91 years old, putting all its experience in the engine in this sphere. Here are just a few significant events in the history of success and innovation MAHLE:

1929 Start of serial production of oil, air and fuel filters MAHLE

1937 first in Europe air filter with oil bath

1952 Start the production of threaded oil filters

1955 The first in Europe use of a paper filtering element


2007 Two-stage fuel filter with separator for diesel engines

2016 World Premiere of the CareMetix® filter premiered on broadband technology