Lynxauto spark plugs


In 2020, the Japanese brand Lynxauto after numerous and long testing procedures and certification displays a new commodity group — spark plugs. Akita Kayhatsu (Japan) company produces Lynxauto spark plugs together with one of the leading world enterprises that make more than 200 million candles per year. Its products are supplied to conveyors over a dozen automakers. The range of Lynxauto candles presents more than 100 positions covering 97% of the fleet.

Quality and technology Lynxauto

The functional requirements that are presented to the ignition candles are the most stringent, since the quality and completeness of the combustion of fuel in the engine cylinders, power indicators and ecology depends on these parts. Candles should ensure ignition of fuel-air mixture in any conditions: at low temperatures, in short-term travel mode and long runs, with high speed and loads. At the same time, strict requirements are presented to the Ignition Candles — ensuring tightness, stability of electroerosia, high thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, etc.

The production of Lynxauto ignition candles is fully automated and has a multi-stage tariff role. When developing spark plugs and technological processes, Lynxauto uses modern CAM / CAE systems. Powerful Japanese engineering school, long-term experience of the company in testing and research of products of the automotive industry, as well as unique laboratory equipment at each production site, which has received international certifications and capable of performing a wide range of operational and stressful tests, provide exceptional quality of Lynxauto ignition candles.

Lynxauto spark plug electrodes are made of improved nickel-based alloys, and for candles with an enlarged maintenance interval (resource up to 120,000 km), the electrodes are made of refractory alloys of platinum and iridium.

For complete isolation and tightness in the Ignition Candle, Lynxauto is used high-quality ceramics of its own recipe with unique modifiers, creating high isotropy (uniformity) of the insulator. This eliminates such a negative effect of material as «residual porosity», which, in combination with multi-level quality control, including ultrasonic analysis and testing of insulators at a voltage of 50,000 V, allows to achieve high performance characteristics of the Lynxauto ignition candle.

Service recommendations

When choosing spark plugs, it is necessary to take into account the length and diameter of the thread, the candle temperature (caliper), as well as the seal method: either by cone or using a deformable sealing gasket. Installation of spark plugs must be performed in strict accordance with the repair and maintenance of the manufacturer of the car or engine. In the catalog You can easily find the necessary spark plug on the applicability, the original number or analog number. In addition, the QR code is applied on each package, scanning which you will fall on the page with the technical description, the use of a particular candle.

Unique guarantee conditions

All Lynxauto products have a two-year warranty
( Lynxauto’s ignition warranty is also 2 years from the date of sale to the final consumer without limiting the mileage, but no more regulatory replacement time, subject to a qualified installation, the use of high-quality fuel, a properly adjusted and serviceable engine. In addition to 2 year warranty on parts, Lynxauto gives an extended guarantee on timing parts, water pumps, clutches and their parts. Under the conditions of the advanced guarantee, upon the warranty case occurs, not only the exchange of faulty parts into a detail of a similar article, but also compensation for the value of the engine parts that have been damaged and unsuitable to further use, as well as the cost of their replacement are made.