Legend legend.


There are legendary brands in the automotive world. They were famous for their cars that had excellent running qualities, they constituted the fame of their local car industry, won various prestigious rally, such as Paris-Dakar.

But at some point because of the wrong decisions, being at the peak of glory, suddenly the fall of their popularity begins. You probably learned that in this description there are many associations with the legendary Japanese brand Mitsubishi.

Today it is the third participant in the French-Japanese Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. But in the world table of ranks, he moves into the category of minor brands. And in our country from the beginning of the year already rolled down on the 15th place of the Russian car market, skipping forward not only

In the established Franco-Japanese alliance, a complex cross-owned system, but the mains are the French who hold 43% of Nissan shares, and he, in turn, owns a package of 34% in Mitsubishi.

The problems of Mitsubishi (or as it is called «three diamonds») began a long time ago. And the most important incorrect decision is that having a fairly complete range of company 10 years ago, the company’s management decided to focus mainly on SUV cars. Therefore, such quite good cars as Mitsubishi went up

Since then, the concern has been worse and worse. Next was sold by the factory in the Netherlands. In Europe, the share of the brand decreased to one percentage point. Looks like in the old world there are lovers of Mitsubishivodi, which are the roads of the «three diamonds» brand.

With this it was necessary to do something and here two years ago there is a head of the alliance and part-time leader

As you know, at the beginning of last 2020, the plans of the improvement of the Alliance and each of its participants were announced. Mitsubishi also announced restructuring: it was stated that the permanent costs of the Japanese automaker should be reduced by one fifth. And within the framework of the geographical separation of labor inside the alliance

Unlike Europe in the Russian Federation, Mitsubishi has such a platform.

This year, Mitsubishi will pay Russians with its updated

The world premiere of the updated version of Pajero Sport passed in the summer of 2019. The car received other headlights and lights, and the kit has increased the length of the car by 40 mm (up to 4,825 mm). On the Russian market, the updated Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will be offered in four versions with a diesel 2,4-liter engine in combination with a 6-speed «mechanics», as well as in two versions with a 3.0-liter MIVEC gasoline engine and an 8-speed «automatic» . Power units remained unchanged. The SUPER-SELECT 4WD-II full drive system on the SUV is saved. The release of the model will soon be established at the Kaluga enterprise PSMA.

But this model is not a «three diamonds» bestseller. See what kind of car takes the Japanese automaker in the model range. Last year, cars of this model sold about 5,000 pieces, and in January sales fell sharply.

The main best-selling brand is definitely

Technically, the new Outlander, as expected, was built on a common platform and almost completely repeats Nissan X-Trail (on the American Nissan Rogue market). Even Mitsubishi’s own engines are disappeared from under the hood of the crossover (hello optimization!). In motion, it is driven by the Nissanovsky 2,5-liter «atmospheric» with a capacity of 184 liters. with. In combination with the Jatco variator. The choice of buyers will offer modifications both with front and complete drive. The body and the salon at Mitsubishi Outlander have changed completely. The translation of the company under the wing of the Alliance positively affected the quality of finishing materials.

But it will be all in the future. And today in the Russian market, Mitsubishi dives down. Minus 44% in January, in comparison with the past January. Given that the new product release is postponed for a year, the brand’s sales drop will continue. Will next year the output of the new Outlander can’t catch losses? Unlikely.

So it becomes a reality of the loss of the position of the legendary brand, when aggressive Chinese brands overtake three diamonds. Sorry is the legendary brand.