LEDs for the replacement of H4 / H7 from OSRAM: budget lamps with official warranty


OSRAM brings to the market a new range of automotive LED lamps, designed to replace standard halogen light sources: Ledriving family products, which are characterized by the optimal price ratio and operational characteristics. The first novelties are LED lamps on the replacement of standard H4 and H7 in the head optics — will be on sale in the market of Russia and Kazakhstan in September.

For owners of passenger cars and motorcycles that want to move from halogen lighting to LEDs without significant costs, OSRAM has developed a special series of ledriving HL products. Despite the democratic cost, these LED light sources have the advantages of lamps manufactured by the advanced technologies of the German brand, and are provided by a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

LED Lamps of Middle and Far Light

Thanks to thoughtful design and a compact body with built-in electronics, the lamp installation is carried out on the Plug & Play principle and does not take more than ten minutes. Osram lamps used LED chips specially designed for the automotive industry. The geometry of the LED element almost 100% corresponds to the size and positions of the filament of the halogen lamp, which guarantees the correct light distribution on the road. LEDRIVING HL Head Light Lights Lights the desired roads, not blinding other drivers, which increases driving safety in the dark.

«More and more car owners understand the benefits of using energy-saving LED lighting. However, still one of the factors constraining the dynamics of demand is quite high cost for high-quality LED lamps,

These lamps do not have ECE approval. Only for off-road use.

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