Lada Niva Travel: Appearance matters!


Until recently, the domestic manufacturer did not really please the motorists with a beautiful design of the car. According to the tradition of Soviet times passed by us, the emphasis was made for a kindness (a big question) and unpretentiousness (here we are ahead of the planet all)! Therefore, neither the exterior nor the interior paid special attention. It is possible that on the technologies of manufacturing materials, we did not grow to the «Germans», «Japanese», «Koreans» and now now and «Chinese».

Well, okay, what is, then and our! Moreover, the renewed Niva Travel was on sale. The first models appeared not only in the country’s car dealerships, but also in a number of motorists, fans of cars with pronounced «off-road» characteristics.

Of course, compatriots who rebound on high-quality cars, compatriots immediately lined up in a queue for outwardly attractive and relatively inexpensive at the price of an updated Niva.

The model is not so much. It is also worth noting the domestic UAZ «Patriot», and even Renault Duster. But both cars even in the cheapest equipment are more expensive than Travel. And it only incites interest in the novelty. So it is worth looking.

The designers have almost completely modified the front of the car. Hood, wings, bumper, optics — all new, attracting attention. Materials are high-quality, good (and this for the price is less than a million for the most expensive equipment …).

In general, a new front view is almost the «five». Well, behind and from the sides, the car has not changed much.

It’s time to look inside

And here we are waiting for the first disappointment: the interior of Niva Travel practically did not change. Changed the backlight of the devices, some useful options, such as «fog mean» appeared in the «luxury» configuration. Not really! Maybe something new under the hood?

But no. The power unit also remained old. Yes, proven, quite reliable and unpretentious. But with the same problems that, together with transmissia, distribution and chassis, make this car as far from perfection as its previous versions.

All old «sores» are preserved. And this is a rattling in the cabin, and an elevated gear of the gearbox, and weak noise insulation.

The running parameters also did not change, the overtaking of moving at a speed of 80 km / h of a passing car remained as problematic as before. So on the «oncoming» without an extreme necessity, still, it is better not to surpass!

Well, we will sum up

We did not put our task to conduct a detailed overview of the updated Niva. Our opinion is purely individual. Yes, Travel began to look more pretty. But, unfortunately, it is almost all, to what Doros is our auto industry!

Decide yourself, whether the car is worth or not!