Lada and Dacia — Brothers forever!


Today in the history of the domestic auto giant AvtoVAZ a significant day. And that’s why. Our channel has already told that on January 14, it is planned to perform a new chapter of Renault Luka De Meo, where he will tell about the truly revolutionary transformations of the French automaker. Recall that at the end of May, a restructuring program was presented and an exit from the crisis, which happened on the Pandemic Wave and Lokdan.

In general, we will talk more about the program later. A full presentation of 82 pages can be downloaded from the Renault Group. There is

And today we are interested in the information that concerns

Luka De Meo called his report Renaulution (that is, the «revolution in Renault»). But for the subsidiaries of Romanian Dacia and Russian Lada, a certain revolution is planned, which will be discussed.

In principle, this was not supernavitant for us, the information was seeping. And now she gained the visible outlines, which De Meo told and can be looked at the presentation.

About the main one. T

But as part of the business optimization, Renault Group, since Romanian and Russian brands are ideologically close, as both brands produce simple and budget cars, then it follows and

However, today at AvtoVAZ produced cars (though those who have already been removed from the conveyor of the Romanian enterprise in some cases — Lada Largus — Dacia Logan MPV).

Unification will help the cost optimization process. Now Lada and Dacia have four platforms. All Dacia cars are built on B0 (and its derivatives), and

Four years (2025), both Renault Group’s subsidiaries will completely switch to a new CMF-B modular platform, which is already used for new Dacia Logan / Sandero models. The total number of body types and types will be reduced from 18 to 11, and the aggregate production will exceed one million cars per year. (It is noteworthy that today AvtoVAZ production facilities allow to produce about 1 million cars per year).

We will try to figure out what happens in these four years?

At first,

According to the Renaulution plan (see Foto), in 2021 and 2022 AvtoVAZ will not roll out a single fully new model. Only 2023 will become the time of the first prime minister. Two B-class models are planned (apparently, this is a new generation of Lada Granta). Another B-class model will be presented in 2024 (this is clearly new NIVA). Accordingly, in the 2025th, most likely, a new generation of Lada Vesta will appear. And all these new items will be built on the platform of the Franco-Japanese Alliance CMF-B.

This is how this renorevolution will be happening in AvtoVAZ. And this is good, no more speculation remains, everything is clear and clear.

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