Kostchenka — Cradle of civilization in the Voronezh region, where hunters for mammoths lived


Baths on the bank of Don in the Voronezh region are one of the most famous archaeological monuments in Russia. Moreover, he is one of the oldest. Here lived the most first famous representatives of the type Homo Sapiens (or subspecies of Homo Sapiens Sapiens — this is which some classification is sticking; in short, the first people as we are with you).

Parking of the boners (in the XVII-XVIII centuries here was the city of dazzhensk region) systematically rolls off from the end of the XIX century. And during the time of Peter the Great, there were many bones of fossil elephants — Mammoths that the tsar of the enlightener considered the remains of the combat elephants of Alexander Macedonsky!

In the century, many objects of the material culture of people of the Upper Paleolithic (the ancient Stone Age) and the bones of animals, which included in their prey were excavated in the bones. Among the latter — a lot of mammoth bones. Some scientists believe that the inhabitants of the bathos are even built dwellings from these bones! The sovereign pilots in the land of the tissue and the mammoth ribs were covered with the skin of these animals, and the primitive people lived under such canopies.

Kostenkovsky parking, judging by the latest data, inhabit about thirty thousand years in a row! The most ancient layers containing material culture items are now dating more than 52 thousand years ago! Latest — 21 thousand years ago, before the maximum of the last (Vurm or Valdai) glaciation.

The objects of the life of a man intelligent in the bones, having such an ancient age, unequivocally indicate: the settlement of Europe by our view came from the east, from Siberia, where a reasonable person appeared even earlier.

100 thousand years ago, Neanderthals in Altai, as a group of geneticists, led by Martin Culville, from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona, were already cross with Homo Sapiens. In Western Europe, the Cromanon appeared later than in Eastern.

The most wonderful anthropological find in the bonuses is a skull from the Markina Mountain (or Costeries XIV). This is the most ancient skull of Homo Sapiens in Europe: its age is now estimated at 37-38 thousand years. He wrote a lot about him in their time and continue to write. A whole forest legend grew around it.

Anthropologist Mikhail Gerasimov reconstructed the appearance of the owner of this skull on his facial bones and received an interesting result. The ancient inhabitant of the bathrift, the hunter on Mammoths, turned out to be like a modern negra or Papua! For a long time, this reconstruction was used to substantiate the thesis that reasonable man came out of Africa. 38 thousand years ago, settling in Europe, he still kept the «tropical» appearance.

In recent years, a group of scientists under the leadership of the Danish genetics ESK Willerslev fully deciphered the human genome from the Mountain Markina. «Among the 167 modern populations, the Northern Europeans were closest to him … The maximum differences in the Kostenkovsky man discovers with Papuas and Melanesians,» the doctor of historical science Alexander Kozintsev writes on the site «Antropogenez.ru».

So, apparently, the reconstruction of the Gerasimov of a man from the Markina Mountain will have to be written off into the category of scientific curiors or false-taught sensations, as it has already happened with his reconstruction of the appearance of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky! Gerasimov portrayed it with the Mongoloid features, like the «Son of Polovchaki», which has nothing to do with reality: Polovtsy did not have Mongoloid Damn!

And Kostenkovsky hunters on mammoths were closest to the modern northern Europeans — perhaps direct ancestors of the Russians.