Kia Sportage — Get a trump «TUZ» in a car deck


The KIA Sportage is called the modified Hyundai IX35 of the second generation. The emergence of a new modification of the popular compact crossover was waiting for a long time ago, and at the end of 2020, at the Motor Show in Guangzhou, motorists and specialists were able to see the novelty.

The car received a successful «card» addition to his name, which will undoubtedly attract additional attention from motorists in our country to Sportage ACE.

The very beginning of the way

Updated Kia Sportage at the beginning of 2021 put on the conveyor. The first samples appear on sale. Well, the mass release is scheduled for April of the current year. Chinese car enthusiasts remained quite short. And when to wait an updated Sportage to Russian motorists? After all, this is the second most popular car in the model line of the Korean automaker in the Russian Federation.

In any case, the model will reach Chinese car dealerships, and in Russia, the new Kia can be waited by the end of the year.

What did designer engineers prepared? On the one hand, we know perfectly well about how designers, developing Kia Sportage 2020, stretch to the «old Kostinovaya skin» (examples of the mass, at least the same updated Mohave, reminding both SORENTO, and SELTOS, but not Telluride).

Significant changes: Do they have?

Serial «TUZ», which is released in China, is slightly different from the sample show car. But a slightly modified radiator grille with vertical stripes and an updated front bumper, hardly affect the driving quality of the car. So, a bit novelty …

Some interest is the sports version of the car. The cross was decorated with orange décor and kit, emphasizing the special aerodynamic parameters.

After restyling the car has become a little more. In length (at the expense of new plastic) — immediately 7 cm. A decent ace? Unlikely.

And what inside

Salon «Ace» The developers of the model until recently was kept secret. But all the secret becomes clear, after a certain period of time. So in our case managed to see the car from the inside:

Something over the extraordinary we definitely did not see. Yes, everything is qualitative, gently, good. Particular attention, perhaps, deserves a digital dashboard and spectacular atmospheric illumination.

Power part

Under the hood at the KIA Sportage engine can be set:

a time-tested 2-liter atmospheric, aggregated with a 6-speed automatic transmission;

either a 1.5-liter turbo engine, which develops 200 hp with robotic transmission.

The choice is small, but it is still available.

Our opinion

Ace, of course, sounds beautiful. But here, in fact, we do not see any significant changes. Yes, in general, KIA Sportage ACE looks more beautiful than its predecessors, the quality of finishing has increased, the new materials have increased comfort, and optics provided the additional attractiveness of the exterior of the car.

Will the car ace on our roads? Big question! Competitors in this segment abound. The high popularity of the model can provide one important parameter — affordable, competitive price Kia Sportage!