IT-Revolution in Autobeholes


Digital solutions today change business, including car and service.

But how exactly does it happen? At what point the head of the service, for example, makes the decision to introduce a new IT product in my company? Why this is this?

What can he ease the life of servicemen and their customers? What else can you digitize in the service business?

The participants of the Forum «IT-revolution in the auto-business — 2020» will help to understand the intricacies of these processes.

This year the forum will be held for the fourth time and in several stages.

On the first day of the forum, October 27, all top tolders represented by managers will come to talk live on how cars and business are changing.

Format — online stream with the support of Auto

October 27 — 28 (Night Ether) — Rollers about the automotive innovations of the year, the best video presentations of IT-solutions of participants in the past «revolutions».

And in the morning of October 28, 2020, we start with the IT-solutions contest for the auto-minders — and believe me on the word — there will be something to evaluate and really wait for your issues to contestants! In this year’s competition, several solutions for services and selection of spare parts

And it is very important for us the opinion of each market participant — it will help our contestants to understand how relevant and their product in the market is in demand. So register and vote!

Further session with very interesting speakers:

Autonenet — What’s new in the implementation and what to wait further from the development of the program. George nose from Deloitte will tell about the automation of business processes using robotization technology.

I want to pay attention to a strong service unit — FITSERVIS and WILGUD — both companies will tell how Diditital is present in their business and that they still have thought) further block on new products in the digitalization of the processes from the car club 24 and CVC.

Well, in the finals of an interesting IT-day, a current conversation will be held about why Russia is not America with experts who know much and how the American auto business is arranged, but work in the Russian Federation.

What is this in the United States that we have not brought and did not adapt in Russia in Russia?

What never takes on our field? What is on the contrary, is already implemented and works quite well?

In short, register. We are waiting for you!