In the spring, the new «Ural» will begin the battle with KAMAZ


The construction dump truck market is perhaps the most dynamic and competitive segment in the domestic market of freight technology. Today, his role has increased significantly, as in connection with the implementation of the national project «Safe and high-quality roads 2.0», and programs of preferential mortgage are played by their mediated role, spurring the development of the housing construction market.

Traditionally, KAMAZ and MAZ building dump trucks, as well as Chinese trucks occupied this niche.

In the spring, the serial release of the new building dump truck «Ural» C35.510 will begin. This was stated in Miass the other day when summing up the last 2020.

Today, the «Ural» car factory stopped entering the GAZ Group. He has a new owner. Our channel talked about the current situation around the industrial group due to the sanctions of the US Ministry of Finance. Also, almost half of the shares of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant turned out to be a new owner. About these changes and situations around the largest domestic machine-building

New owners of plans for hute. Last year, investments in the amount of about 1 billion rubles were invested in the production update. The entire investment program in Miass is estimated at 6 billion. If last year it was possible to collect about 8,300 Ural trucks, then over for several years they plan to reach the level of 14,000 trucks per year. And the dump trucks in this manufacturing strategy assigned a significant role.

However, back to the new truck. November 30 in Sochi, at the conference, Kulular, the new dump truck «Ural» C35.510 was already represented by official dealers of the Urals brand. Later he was presented at home, in Miass, for factory workers and local media.

In fact, the Ural automotive plant in the year of its 80th anniversary, throws a glove at once to several automakers. And, above all, Kamsky auto giant

What is the new domestic dump truck? The novelty is denoted by the index

Kamaz has two similar dump trucks. This is KAMAZ-6520-21010-53 ARX with a «KAMAZ» 400-strong engine and K4 cab. Another model in this segment is KAMAZ-6520-001-49 (B5) ARX with a 390-power engine Cummins ISL400 50. It also cabin K4 from Mercedes-Benz Axor. Both dump trucks are approximately the same lifting capacity — 20.900 kg and 21,000, respectively.

The Kama giant has a more modern and slightly more load-lifting model — KAMAZ-6580. It is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz Om 457LA.v / 3 engine, developing power 401 hp. Its carrying capacity is 25.5 tons with a total of 41 tons.

During the new 2021, we learn whether the new «Ural» was able to win a place in the construction dump truck market. I would like to hope, because the sharper competition, the better for the product consumer.