In Russia, instead of Renault Logan will be Taliant.


The expected Renault Logan of the third generation in the Russian market will not be a copy presented in late September

Another budget model will apply for the third generation of our Logan.

The thing is that the first patent images of a previously unknown Renault sedan called Taliant appeared. It is assumed that this budget model is addressed to developing markets, they will not sell it in Europe. There is a marketplace «stamped» Dacia Logan, a car that is not popular in Western and Northern Europe, but still finds demand in Eastern and in the Middle East.

The automaker itself does not comment on the leakage of 3D sketches. But experts from the French edition of Motor1 believe that Renault has decided to abandon the simple renaming of the Romanian Dacia Logan in favor of the launch of a multiple modified machine under the original name.

It can be assumed that the third generation of Dacia Logan and Renault Taliant submitted at the end of September has a shared platform and, most likely, dimensions. It hurts they look like. However, the option from Renault was provided with a different decor of the exterior (optics, grille, bumpers, etc.), also blocked the interior of the cabin, changing the details like the steering and ventilation deflectors.

While the specialists doubt about the technical filling. There is a chance that it can be general. This means, Renault Taliant will receive from Logan-III three-cylinder motors of the return 65, 90 and 100 hp The emergence of the version and gas fuel is not excluded. True, the production of aggregates of this power line was not established in Russia, and, as is well known,

Information also appeared that Renault Groupe may officially submit Taliant or until the end of 2020, but most likely, in the early 2021th. But what is the first market for a new inexpensive sedan called Brazil, doubts do not cause. This means that there are chances of the appearance of the model in Russia. After all, the Brazilian version of the other Renault crossover DUSTER will soon be released on our market.