How to save your car from theft — Lifehaki car owners


Installation on your car alarm (even if the latest development itself) is not the only possible way to prevent an attempt to hijack. And as practice shows — also not the most reliable!

Statistics of car hijacking clearly indicates that hackers quickly find opposition, solving new digital protection schemes.

We bring to your attention the 5 most effective and efficient options that allow you to protect your car from the kidnappers.

In the first place in the rating of popularity there are various

As a rule, hijackers aimed at a specific machine can neutralize the alarm, drown out the signal. But in the equipment of thieves, only electronic equipment is usually included. Drills perforators, saber saws with themselves they are extremely rare.

Useful advice: The best blocker against the hijacking of the car, experts consider such devices that are attached to the shaft of the steering wheel in a hard-to-reach place.

Installation of additional immobilizer

If the hijackers copier with a regular immobilizer (with the base of all possible options for hacking standard algorithms), then with add. They may not cope with the device.

In this case, an additional key chain (or chip card) is an effective protection that allows you to deactivate a duplicate device. You can also choose «additional» with manual control.

«Secret Button»

To start the engine, the owner will need to click on the button by setting a reliable contact. Naturally, it is necessary to do it secretly from prying eyes.

Alteration under the hood

And one more, gaining popularity from our car owners, an option to protect against car hijacking —

One drawback is such a car, as a rule, attracts special attention to the traffic police. However, if you do not violate anything, there is nothing to be afraid.

And what ways to protect the car you know or use personally you? Share, it will be interesting!