How to save on brake pads


One of the key responsibilities of the competent specialist of the fleet responsible for functioning and / or maintenance of rolling stock — select such friction pairs (brake shoe + brake disc), which most best meet specific operational tasks. Only in this case it will be possible to ensure maximum savings and unconditional road safety. How to do it? The cycle of articles on this topic is starting with this publication.

First fact

Which should always be guided by choosing something — no matter, brake pads, clutch discs or lubricants — is that the real savings (or vice versa — extra expenses) are not included in the purchase price, but in the cost of operation. And this very cost of operation must be taken into account as detailed as possible. When calculating the cost of a mileage kilometer, successful carriers have long been separated by the cost of fuel, on the driver’s salary, for maintenance, etc., and individually for each transport unit of its fleets. At the same time, each article needs to be most detailed to understand that, for example, leads to its growth, and how to level this trend.

As part of the accounting costs, maximum detail is also important. To take into account only the amounts of the order-outfit is not enough. It is fundamentally important to understand, including, and which components of the vehicle were replaced, is it possible to somehow affect the replacement intervals of these components.


A significant share in the planned costs for the operation of the vehicle are the costs of the purchase of so-called «consumables», which, among other things, are brake pads. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Second fact

Many brake pad sellers «forget» the laws of physics, offering you to make an «optimal» choice. Remember, a long time ago in the school textbook, did you see the table of friction coefficients? In it, each coefficient depends on

The second rule of economy

Third fact

Cheaper in the purchase price of pads and discs may be more profitable during operation, and without any safety losses. The proof of this is very clearly visuality can be seen in the results of testing according to the Eurostandard R90. It is important to note that this testing is necessarily carried out in an independent state laboratory. As part of the test cycle, the tests are applied to the subjects corresponding to the complex of various modes of motion — from «civilian» to «heavy». Security issues and resource are investigated.

The first «column» — proves to us that a completely cheap brake shoe before collapsed, and the original brake disc is still «shy». Well, we are with you and so in our own experience know.

The second «Column» is the original shoe of the reinforced series and the original brake disc. For us with you — a benchmark.

The third «Column» is the Meritor Meritor block and the original disk. The pad is cheaper original, and the wear of the friction pair is somewhat less than in the case of using the original brake shoe.

The fourth «Column» is the Meritor Meritor Padder and the Meritor Meritor Disk of the MBR5000. Both the disc, and the pad is cheaper than the original, and wear and the pad, and the disk is minimal. I remind you — these are the results of government tests.

The format of this article does not allow me to explain why the test results were precisely such, but they are predictable and natural. If you happen to attend my lectures or on the webinar, then there I will explain everything from a scientific point of view, but for now — theses:

The third rule of economy

The reader will say «yes I go somehow on the blocks of alpha with the disks of Gamma — and normal.» Well and good. You can experiment on yourself and seek good results. But you are unlikely to achieve the ideal results. It may be trite not enough time and patience, not to mention engineering knowledge, laboratories, etc. And at the very beginning we agreed to approach the question professionally — that is, to achieve a result, ideally relevant to your requests.

The rules of savings do not end up, we have a lot of opportunities with you, so as not to «hide», but optimize. In the following issues of the magazine, I will continue to tell about it. For now, thank you so much for your attention!

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