How the Chinese will teach Russians to pickpaths


Full-sized pickups are popular with American motorists, this fact does not require evidence. It so historically happened that the Americans living are often far from the city, on their ranch, such a car performed the functions not so much passenger, how many small truck. Conveniently: and passengers to carry, and some kind of throw up. Over time, pickups began to dominate the American fleet.

Also large pickups occupy the first lines in the sales ratings of the American car market. For many years in a row, the most purchased car of America is the Pickup Ford F150. In the arsenal of a large American troika, each automaker has several similar pickup models. And a few years ago, after the transition under the control of the Italian Fiat of the American group Chrysler, an unprecedented event occurred. RAM pickups were highlighted in a separate brand, previously called as Dodge Ram.

It is clear that the lifestyle of Americans is radically different from the Russian. We do not understand them why a big «half-year» is a car for every day. And after all, even foreign concerns who unfolding activities in the USA adjust to the tastes of American motorists. It is enough to remember such a model as Toyota Tundra.

But back to my native fenats. In the Russian Federation, the Park of these passenger «half-Russian» is extremely small. The number of pickups, even taking into account the domestic UAZ does not exceed half a million units from the 43 million car fleet of the country. Today, the Russian Pickup Park, according to the study of the Avtostat Info, has 472,404 units. Techniques as of the beginning of the second half of this year. In the structure of the fleet of foreign cars occupy 50.3% (or 237 655 units), and another 49.7% (or 234,749 units) falls on Russian cars. The most interesting thing is the old Pickup Park. The study of the age structure has shown that cars produced in the Russian Federation produced before 2011 — 290,611 of such pickups. Therefore, the greatest representation in the structure of Pickup Park is occupied by … For a long time forgotten Mark «Izh», which registered 143 thousand pieces. Second place U.

As for the market for sales of pickups, it is small, even can be clarified, meager. While we have data for the past August. In the last month of the summer of this year in Russia, the market of new pickups amounted to 1,031 sold a car at hundredsmatic sales of the month. The leader of sales in the Pickup market has become in August 2020 UAZ Profi. Sales of this model amounted to 212 units, which turned out to be slightly higher than the results of

And this is the background as a thunder among the clear sky, the information about the Chinese automaker Great Wall returned to Russia with the Wingle Pickup 7. This car will be presented with us only in the long-bond version of Comfort — with a five-seater double cab and a loader with dimensions 1680 x 1460 x 480 mm. Car price — 1,749 thousand rubles. That is, it is no longer a cheap «workhorse.» However, the equipment of the pickup is the most Spartan. He received a 2.0 liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 143 hp. and 6-speed mechanical transmission. The Borg Warner dispensing box is responsible for the operation of the full drive system. There is a lower transmission and the possibility of forced blocking of the rear differential.

And from an interesting one. Buy pickup can be used in the Salons of the HAVAL’s subsidiary. There will be no «Great Wall» dealer network. It is clear that because of the same Picap model, the full dealer network does not make sense when the Male Sales of the Haval brand is growing near the mushrooms. And one more point, Renaimigning under the HAVAL brand will not be the pickups will be presented as a new sub-brand — GWM Pickup. By the way, the novelty itself, the pre-orders for which they have already started, will not be called Great Wall Wingle 7, but GWM Wingle 7.

Five years ago, the Great Wall Motor automaker left Russia, but now we see the return of it under a new name and under the roof of a dynamically growing subsidiary.

In the FTS, issued for this model, also indicates a 2.4 liter gasoline atmospheric motor. He has not reached Russia yet. By the way, thanks to the approval of the type of vehicle, it is known that pickups will be imported from China. At the conveyor of the plant in the Tula region they will not stand. Yes, and with small sales of pickups in Russia, this makes no sense. If the Russians will take a Chinese pickup, then the appearance of the second model Great Wall called PAO is possible. Will the Chinese have the consciousness of the Russian motorist towards pickups? Question from the category of rhetorical.