How the Chinese auto industry conquers Russian car market


Portrait of «Chinese» in the interior of the Russian car market

It is not a secret for anyone that one of the directions of foreign trade expansion was the export of cars. The rapidly developing Chinese auto industry, being one of the largest in the world, could not simply be clicked within the domestic market, albeit the largest in the world. Attempts to enter export markets mainly belong to local Chinese companies, while joint ventures with Western partners prefer to work on the inner.

One of the first foreign markets for expansion, which was noticed by Chinese companies, naturally became the Russian Federation. Today, the share of cars of Chinese brands is small — only 3.5% of the Russian car market. But it will continue to grow, as evidenced by the high sales dynamics. The increase is characterized by three digits.

At the past recently in Moscow, the International Automobile Forum IMAF, the experts decomposed the components of the Chinese offensive on Russia around the shelves.

Our channel decided to introduce his readers with this analytical analysis. His value is that all data are collected in one place.

Today, 11 Chinese car brands are presented in the Russian market. The market share of Chinese automakers, as already indicated, is 3.5%, that is, every 27th sold car in Russia of the Chinese brand.

So, in the past November, Geely cars in Russia were sold 2015 pieces, for comparing Renault Kaptur cars, 2,035 pieces were implemented. Cars of Chinese brand HAVAL — 1,628 pieces, and coupe-crossovers Renault Arkana — 1878 pcs. But the Chinese have a very high dynamics expressed by two- and three-digit percentage numbers.

In 2020, the Chinese brands permanently head the rating on sales dynamics among all brands, achieving growth at times, when traditional stamps on the Russian market have either negative dynamics or grow only a few percentage points. The reason for such dizzying growth in the low base, but also in the withdrawal of new models to the Russian market and the absence of supplies in the supply.

Analysts mark such a fact. The localization of Chinese cars (release) no longer serves as a decisive factor in the growth of the popularity of the Chinese in Russia. 35% of cars are directly imported from China. Although it should be noted that the cessation of the assembly of Chinese cars on the territory of our country inflicted damage to a number of brands. A good example is the collapse of the positions of a number of brands after the factory «Dervey» plant was closed in the North Caucasus. It handled sales Lifan and Chery. Conversely, commissioning in the Tula region of the Plant «Havale Motors Manufecturing Rus» increased sales of HAVAL crossovers.

What is the profile of the car of the Chinese brand today on the Russian market? It makes sense to compare with the average engineering pattern. So, 98% of Chinese cars are represented in the current SUV class. It is 50 percentage points more than an average of Russian car market, the share of SUV on which is 48%.

The medium-visited retail price of the Chinese car leaves 1 million 457 thousand rubles. This, in turn, is 12% lower than the average price of the car in the Russian market. At the same time, the share of cars in price over 1.5 million rubles. is 43%.

Analysts also note that over the past six years, the positioning of Chinese brands in Russia has changed seriously. Almost all automakers from the Middle Kingdom focused on work in the SUV class. Following this, the weighted average price of the Chinese car rose.

Despite the change of positioning, updating the model range and the transition to a higher price segment Chinese brands still have a large price advantage against the background of competitors. The results of Value-analysis show that when choosing a all-wheel drive SUV, about 2 million rubles of Chinese brands are equipped with significantly better competitors of Korean, Japanese and European brands. In other words, the buyer receives more than the car for the same money.

What are the perspectives of the Chinese in Russia? Maintain high growth in the growth for many years is quite difficult. Gradually, three-digit indicators will refuse the place two digit and after some time the time speaker will come to no.

So far, only one Chinese brand stated that by 2025 he sees the goal of becoming No. 1 in the SUV class on the Russian market. We are talking about the brand HAVAL.

We give a simple calculation. In the past November, the sale of cars in the SUV class of the Chinese brand HAVAL was 1,628 pieces, and the leader of the Korean crossover class Hyundai — 11 407, that is, 7 times more (!). To achieve such heights, it is necessary to increase sales in one and two times each year. Is it possible not to have the interest of buyers for five years?

The upcoming five-year plan will show us whether this process is possible, will we witness the Chinese automotive miracle.