How Renault stretched out the plant on the «Sukin Swamp»


The last month for the French automaker Renault in Russia has become a period of anniversaries. At first, the release of 750-thousand Logan was solemnly marked, the car overwhelmed the budget segment of foreign cars in the Russian market.

More recently, in Moscow, the 15th anniversary of the Renault Russia plant was noted in the presence of the metropolitan town of Sergei Sobyanin.

Note that the French automaker plant is located in the Textile Metro Station area. This place known among the oldaries of the capital was named earlier as «Sukino Baloto», around which various negative rumors were walking. Let us leave all these conversations about mystics to lovers, just note that the largest car Soviet project, the name of the Lenin Komsomol (Moskvich OJSC), still soil in the bose on this «Sukin Balot», confirming it negative.

Some time ago, rumors were actively agreed in the car press that the French automaker decided to close the Moscow enterprise and move the production of Renault crossovers in Togliatti to the AvtoVAZ site, due to the fact that the loading of production capacity is insufficient. But the press service of the French company made a refutation of these rumors.

In general, the history of the joint Russian-French enterprise rises in the distant 1998, when it was created. But on the territory of the «Sukina Swamp» it settled 15 years ago, namely, on the territory of the unfinished engine for cars «Moskvich». (Equipment partly rotted, it was partly stolen).

In 2005, the joint venture began assembling cars Renault

Earlier, the company was called

The metropolitan township at the solemn ceremony said: «I think that neither the company nor the government definitely regretted this project. It develops from year to year, and today’s 15th anniversary is not just a formality, anniversary, it is really a milestone in the development of the plant. «

From the conveyor of the metropolitan plant «Renault Russia», a semi-mallone car, released at the enterprise, became an event dedicated to the 15th anniversary. This is a new Renault Kaptur with a new generation automatic transmission and a 1.3 liter turbocked engine.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin noted: «One-and-half-million car is no longer the one from which you started. This was committed another car and well, as last year, and in this, and the following are launched all new models. Each model at the best world level. «

What did Sobyanin mean? And everything is simple enough. He listed the produced range of models at the Moscow enterprise. As you know, last year Renault Arkana’s coupe cameras, in the current — updated Renault Kaptur, and from next year, the release of the new generation Renault Duster will begin. This model was shown to the Metropolitan Grador. And this is a reason to see an unlucky look at the car. Although however, we have already seen it, just not with us, but in Brazil. Although representatives of the Moscow office Renault argue that it is similar to the European version.

From curious, we note that the new Renault Duster has become a bit larger in dimensions. Length — 4341 mm, (+26 mm), width 1804 mm, height 1682 mm (with rails), wheel base increased to 2676 mm. Road clearance is 210 mm, entry angles and a congress — 31 and 33 degrees, respectively. That is, geometric indicators at the level and better than the relative models Renault. Also, the crossover gained a new front part of the body and other stern. More embossed wheeled arches appeared, another plastic body kit, outdoor mirrors of a new sample, roof rails with Duster inscription.

Specifications do not disclose, but hint that the 2-liter engine will leave the motor gamut, and instead of it, a 150-strong 1.33-liter higher-level gasoline engine joint development of Renault and Daimler will appear under the hood. As before, the crossover will be offered with front or full drive.

I still want to hope that the motor gamma will have somewhat different than in Europe. Recall that on the second generation Dacia Duster spent since 2017, the Renault Duster analogue of the Renault Duster has already managed to completely update the engine palette.

Reduced atmospheric gasoline engine 1.6 SCE. From now on his place in the gamma will take a new three-cylinder motor 1.0 TSE, which develops 100 hp Gasoline Motor 1.2 TSE (125 hp) gave way to a new unit 1.3 TSE (130 or 150 hp) — the same as on the Russian crossover Renault Arkana. True, there are two advanced diesel engines on the Romanian analogue. But they perform EURO-6D rules.