How long Lada Vesta will remain a «pearl» AvtoVAZ


Today, the most advanced and high-quality product of the Russian automotive industry will undoubtedly be called the Lada Vesta car. Recently, a 500 thousand car left the plant in Izhevsk. The model is sold for five years. For the automotive industry, the term is sufficient to think about the facelifting or release of the upgraded version in terms of the further evolution of the development of the car, which produced quite successfully.

Recall that these five years have not been spent in vain, because the Lada Vesta family has been replenished with a SW wagon, his cross-version, as well as Cross-sedan and 145-strong Vesta Sport. By the way, the anniversary was the sedan Vesta Cross performed by Black, he was sent to the Kemerovo Dealership Center Lada. The car is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine capacity of 106 hp in combination with a manual transmission. The Black version went on sale only in this autumn: it is distinguished by black glossy mirrors and a salon in dark color.

Monthly in Russia buy more than 10 thousand cars Lada Vesta. According to the European Business Association, in October, the Russians purchased 11.8 thousand Lada Vesta, and from the beginning of the year — 84,317 pieces. This is the second result in the overall standings of the Russian car market.

Today, the structure of sales of cars of the Lada Vesta family in the Russian market is an interesting picture. There is a small advantage in the direction of the last: 51% of buyers chose Lada Vesta SW / SW Cross, respectively, 49% of sales accounted for sedans. Also, 27% of buyers «West» (or every fourth) preferred the CROSS versions. Interestingly, among the universals is such every second car (50%), and among the purchased sedans «crosses» took only about 4%.

The main engine that was prescribed under the hood was 1.6 liters (85% of the total sales), and 15% of consumers preferred 1.8 liters. The lion’s share of those who buys Lada Vesta still choose versions with mechanical KP (83%). But every sixth (17%) «seduced» to automatic transmission.

Vesta’s power line also replenished with a new engine (H4M) with a capacity of 1.6 liters with a capacity of 113 hp, having Japanese roots, but assembled on AvtoVAZ.

True, the domestic engine 1.8 has undergone some constructive changes — it got a new head of the cylinder block (GBC). It can be assumed that the modernization of the power unit is caused by the desire of engineers to solve the problem of increased motorcycle consumption. According to Lada-online portal, Motors VAZ-21179 (1.8 liters) with a new head of the cylinder head are already available, and the plant’s official dealers recommended to replace old unclaimed GBC, stored in warehouses, new ones.

The VAZ-21179 engine with a volume of 1.8 liters produced from the beginning of 2016. For nearly five years of production, the power unit was upgraded by point: for example, AvtoVAZ changed the design of the fuel ramp twice to solve the problem with the depletion of the fuel and air mixture.

True, nothing is heard that the year earlier was the information about increasing the power characteristics of this domestic motor at once at 14 hp. Silence unit with a capacity of 136 hp Only it would be rooted interest in the model.

Meanwhile, in social networks among fans of the model, the question of updating Lada Vesta is increasingly raising. There are no official comments on this topic, the company traditionally holds all plans secret. What is interesting, today this topic was touched by the factory newspaper Volzhsky Autostrituer. In the article dedicated to the anniversary Vesta, the silence of the manufacturer regarding restinding the model is explained by world practice. But the following thought was expressed: «It is believed that constant restyards who are fond of foreigners can just spoil the car. The corporate appearance is bludging, the proportions are disturbed, cars lose individuality. » Who owns this opinion is not reported. But it speaks many.

Earlier it was reported that the output of the updated VAZ flagship (Lada Vesta FL) was scheduled for the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. As part of restyling, the model should receive a new salon, the original bumper group and the radiator grille, LED head optics, lights, and the hood, wings and the lid of the trunk of a different form. The side of the body will remain the same. Under the hood, the appearance of a 1,3-liter turbo travel (150 hp) from Renault Arkana is predicted. However, confirmed information that AvtoVAZ is really doing this project is currently not. So the current generation of Vesta to remain a «pearl» in the crown of domestic models of AvtoVAZ.

Today, Lada Vesta plays the market in the class of cars, which rarely undergo a cardinal shift of everything and everything. It is enough to indicate examples of such competitors as Volkswagen Polo, which was produced for 10 years without serious changes in the design. Or Korean «couple» Hyundai Solaris / Kia Rio into which cosmetic changes were made.