How do we build a Russian car?


The problem of reinforcing sanctuction pressure on Russian auto industry is all sharper. What needs to be taken?

The other day on the domestic car giant AvtoVAZ released a 30 millionth car LADA brand. For factory workers, for the city of Togliatti is a big holiday.

However, on the conveyor of the main car mooring site of the country, not only is Lada, but also Renault, Datsun, and recently the company produced Nissan cars. However, these are cars of foreign origin, developed in the centers of competence outside the Russian Federation. Yes, and actually, domestic cars LADA, which are now installed increasingly foreign components become less «domestic» and reduce the degree of localization. So, even the original Russian SUV LADA 4×4 by 10% consists of «nice» details. Not to mention Lada Vesta. Recall that during the trial trip in 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the then executive AvtoVAZ bu Inge Andersen, and what is the localization of this model? Top manager without a stick replied: 71%. In fact, this indicator does not take into account the so-called «hidden imports». When the part or knot of the car has a label «Made in Russia», and in fact only its assembly from components delivered from foreign factories has been held in Russia.

Many people have a question, and that if the international situation is exacerbated, the sanction pressure on our country will increase, how will our auto industry be felt? Questions are very serious. The situation in the world and around the country worsens and therefore these questions require a response. Since the dependence on world auto industry and foreign manufacturers of autocomponents is so high that any termination of imports can cause a collapse.

While our officials respond that the level of acceptable localization for the Russian auto industry should be 80%. They say, it is impossible all the details and nodes to produce in our country, it will be unprofitable economically, and there is no need for this. We note until not. For example, the sanctions of the American Ministry of Finance for the Gas Group of the Russian oligarch are postponed and postponed. The new term for the introduction of crilent sanctions was postponed to March next year. So the threat exists and it is impossible to turn away from it.

In this regard, it is necessary to look at the example of those countries that have fallen into similar circumstances. This «model» of the development of the situation can be observed on our southern neighbor Iran. As you know, a few years ago in 2014, during the President of Barack Obama, a deal was concluded with Iran. In exchange for the coagulation of the nuclear program, the countries of the Collective West, sanction pressure on this country was reduced. World auto industry responded to these changes, a number of firms began cooperation with local enterprises, and the German Volkswagen even announced the construction of the automobile plant. The most powerful investors in the Iranian car industry were French Peugeot and Renault.

However, this idyll was short. And already under the current president of the United States, Donald Trump over Iran again the new round of sanctuction pressure. As a result, imports to the country was banned, only local automakers worked. The sales drop was unprecedented. In 2019, sales fell 45%. And another year earlier recession amounted to 35%. That is, as we have after the introduction of sanctions for the Crimea in 2015-2016. Only the Iranian decline is stronger.

What is the release of the Iranian leadership, so as not to put on their knees a whole branch of the real sector of its economy? The output is simple — buying a license and a staging of a foreign model conveyor.

The Iran Khodro Concern (IKCO) is the largest automaker Iran — prepares for the production of a new model — a compact sedan K132. The show of this prospective development of the country’s management was held in February 2020. On the eve of the soon launch in the production of Iran Khodro, the K132 branded studio photographs was distributed, on which it can be considered in all its glory.

A new model is called «the most Iranian car» in history, since the share of foreign components is reduced to a minimum. In the K132 92.5% of the details — national production, only the remaining 7.5% are purchased abroad.

Iranians proudly declare that the new car is designed by your IKCO. This is not quite the case — back in 2019, the Iranian automaker bought the PSA Peugeot-Citroen at the French concern (his long-standing partner) license to produce a platform from the Peugeot 301 / Citroen C-ELYSEE sedans, it is at its base and built by K132. Moreover, it is unified with them on the bearing frame of the body and the chassis. However, all the outdoor bodies of the body from a promising «Iranian» — their own, they form the original exterior.

Recall that the «real» Peugeot 301 / Citroen C-Elysee French has developed specifically for emerging markets, they are produced since 2012.


But back to the Iranian car itself. The K132 sedan has dimensions of 4505x1748x1466 mm, respectively, its wheelbase is 2652 mm, that is, the machine is comparable from the Russian Lada Vesta.

The car will be equipped with a PSA gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters with a capacity of 110 hp It is combined with a 5-speed MCP or a 6-range «automatic». The engine meets the strict environmental standards of Euro-5.

The release of IKCO K132 commercial instances starts in October of this year, the car will be sold at the local market at a price of $ 12,000 (911,000 rubles).

Here is a way out of a difficult situation, Iran undertook. And this experience must be taken into account.