How crossovers capture Russian car market


What models of class SUV made the weather in the market in 2020

A few days later, 2020 will end and in the first decade of the next year its results will be summed up in the country’s automotive market. But our channel decided to sum up the results of one of the most remarkable trends of the Russian car market today. We have gathered these data on the most popular Russians in the current year of the SUV class cars.

They are in the table, and well reflect the picture of the popularity of a particular model. But first several introductory.


But what is interesting,

But to class

In class SUV (B)

SUV class (D)

And now let’s talk about the models that became new in 2020, it was still announced about the release of the Russian market last year, and on the debuts of which, oh, how motor producers hoped. We are talking about two

And a few more words about the updated

And one more observation of the data collected by us. As you know, it was recently announced that the Hyundai Korean automaker became the owner of the canned enterprise General Motors in St. Petersburg. As is known, the production capacity of this facility is 108 thousand cars per year. In our opinion, the most appropriate models for release on these production facilities two single-platform crossover —

And in conclusion, we note the next fact. In our top 20 most popular crossovers, the release of almost all cars of the SUV class is conducted in the Russian Federation. With the exception of