How Chinese crossovers displace competitors.


Today in the discussion on the Internet about the prospects of Chinese cars in the Russian market, only lazy is not expressed. This phenomenon is the expansion of the production of the autobrome of the Middle Kingdom, no longer bypass the face of neither masting analysts or ordinary Russian motorists.

Let’s start with mastted analysts. Recently, the experts of the analytical agency Avtostat published a curious document. They appreciated the variability of the structure of the Russian automotive market on the origin of car brands. It turned out, 20 years ago in the Russian Federation at the car market there were no Chinese cars. Their market share was zero.

But already in 2010, the market share of the Chinese auto industry’s products in the Russian Federation rose to 1.8%. These were the outcome of the so-called «first wave», flewing on the car market of the Russian Federation due to the shores of Amur. Remember, then on the market there were quite little-known brands of car brands — Hefei, BYD, Admiral, but among them already flashed and those that we know well today — Chery, Great Wall. Geely.

Today in 2020, the Chinese automakers account for 3.5% of the domestic car market. That is, over the past 10 years, the share of cars from the Middle Kingdom has doubled. And it will continue to grow.

Many participating in such discussions note that the Chinese go beyond the Koreans. Korean concerns, as can be seen, from the Graphics they did a way to the main players of the Russian market for 15 years from a share of 1.7% in 2000.

Only if the Koreans have two stamps of the victorious and triumphal path: Hyundai and Kia, and somewhere in the middle of the road behind SsangYong and Ravon, then the Chinese have more

Moreover, in addition to numerous, distinguishes the Chinese auto industry in the Russian market, so this is a slow extension of the share and so-called vertical elevators. We will explain, under the «vertical elevator» we understand the movement up the top rating of the Russian car market in the SUV class (see Table).

The fact is that two years ago in the Russian top rating of the SUV class, not a single Chinese brand was not presented. But in the current rating of the current year, 14 and 15th place occupied

But back to «our» Chinese and see, and what brands were they able to move down the rating? We list them.



It is worth noting that the Chinese stamps are already close to the positions of Lexus and Mazda. At the same time, at the end of October, three Chinese brands were ahead and Lexus and Mazda and crowded them from 13, 14 and 15 places in the Russian October monthly ranking, closely informing the positions of Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi. (see Table)

That is, Chinese brands with existing trends by the end of the year or at the beginning of next year will be able to rise into two steps in the Russian top rating of the class SUV, sweating

But if Lexus is still a bonus brand and its comparison with Chinese brands simply incorrectly, due to different target audiences, then relating to the top part of the mass segment Mazda lost to the Chinese due to the truncated model range of their crossovers (CX-5 and CX-9) . Will it be able to fix too high sales new Mazda CX-30, whose debut is expected soon, this question remains open. But hardly, judging by the announced price tag on this crossover.

In addition, our channel predicts the intrigue next 2021. It will be an acute struggle between the three stamps and one more

But the model ranks of three Chinese automakers will be updated and expanded. But we will analyze this trend later. This extension inspires the hope that the market positions of Chinese crossovers will be strengthened, and sales ratings go only upwards. Chinese comrades go faithful.