Hello, New Sandero.


If we have in Russia among the automotive audience the greatest interest caused a recent presentation of the new car

And it is natural, because in the old continent’s market two bestseller from the Romanian automaker — the Duster crossover and Sandero hatchback with his version of StepWay. In turn, Logan from Romanian automobiles is not popular there.

According to the latest data, Romanian hatchback occupies a sixth place in total sales in Europe for August-September. Agree, a stupid result for such a not such an eminent automaker like Romanian Dacia. Sandero ahead of even such classmates as Volkswagen Polo, Skoda Fabia, Citroen C3 in terms of sales. Therefore, the interest of the Starlavetian motorists to this budgetary car is great.

Dacia Sandero is today the most popular model of the Romanian brand with an asset in 2 million sold cars from the beginning of production in 2004, which is 32% of all sales of Dacia cars, when she moved under the wing of the French Renault Concern.

What should I say about the new Sandero generation? Together with the Hatchback version, Dacia Sandero Stepway, with an enlarged clearance model, which among Europeans, as we enjoys high popularity will be launched. Today in the European markets it accounts for 65% of the model sales.

The Romanian automaker made a bet on the popularity of small pseudocrossors, so the StepWay version is made with an expressive design. We will not celebrate all the features of the design of the sizes, they are clearly visible in the images, turn to things practical.

For example, clearance. According to the available data, Sandero Stepway is 174 mm, it is 41 mm more than the hatchback. Interestingly, this is primarily due to tires with their higher profile.

The automaker draws attention to the roof rails, which are a patented solution.

Now about dimensions. It is interesting due to the fact that

The new generation of Dacia Sandero has a length of 4.088 mm, from Stepway due to bumpers, the length is increased to 4.099 mm. The width is 1.848 mm identical for both models, like a wheelbase — 2.604 mm. The height of Sandero is 1.499 mm, while Stepwaye is 1.535 mm.

And now we compare these dimensions with Lada Xray, the length of which is 4.165 mm, and the width is almost 10 cm less — 1,764 mm.

In the new Sandero, the trunk has been increased, which now has a volume of 328 liters, or 26 liters more than the predecessor. But it is urban hatchback and volumes are not so impressive as in vehicles with another body type.

Amenities primarily concern space, which is also needed to make it easier to accommodate passengers on new seats. From other bulls, there will be a new holder for smartphones, as a certain alternative to the multimedia system. Touch screen with a diagonal of eight inches, in the center of the panel.

Interestingly, Europeans will also receive a number of other elements that did not offer previously due to the budget of Dacia. Heated front seats, invisible access, parking sensors, electric parking brake, and of course, panoramic hatch on the roof (for the first time in the history of Dacia).

As in Logan, a modern CMF-B platform is used here, which Sandero is used as the first brand model. Its architecture is known for the fifth generation of Renault Clio and Captur crossover. But for Dacia, she is a little relief.

The most controversial moments, which did not like our motorists, of course, motor gamma. But it is necessary to understand that in Europe from January 1, 2021, strict requirements are engaged in compliance with EURO 6D emission standards. Therefore, the basic is the atmospheric gasoline 3-cylinder Motor 1.0 SCE 65 (48 kW) complete with a five-speed manual gearbox. Also, the machine is equipped with a 3-cylinder volume of 1.0 l by a TCE 90 turbodvech (66 kW), which can be ordered or with a six-speed mechanic or CVT. Also will be offered a gas engine capacity of 74 kW (100 hp) with 6-speed mechanics.

It is clear that when Renault will withdraw a new generation to Russia, the motor gamma will be different. After all, even in a two-year-old perspective in the Russian Federation, EURO-6D rules will not be introduced. Therefore, in the engine compartment of new Logan / Sandero will be H4M. Even interesting, but will the Arkanovsky 1.3 put in the engine compartment? But so far it’s all in the assumption mode.

And no less interesting question. How will the new generation of Renault Sandero coexist, which today appeared in Romanian influence and domestic Lada Xray? Will there be created on the basis of the third generation of Sandero. Domestic analogue LADA?