Have you tried to «cross» the crossover and minivan?


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Save the situation should a new car,

What target audience is the new model calculated?

For a large family, domestic car market is still able to offer only big, 7-8 local crossovers. There are simply no other options, if, of course, do not plan a minibus purchase (practically meaningless occupation, if the car is bought for the family). And what if the trips are mainly carried out on roads with good asphalt concrete coating and off-road properties are not needed?

Kia Carnival is designed for this purpose: a large family car for those who do not need a crossover

Another large group of users is representatives of business structures, entrepreneurs, high-ranking leaders and all those who need to be placed with maximum comfort on the second row in the auto cabin.

Direct competitors

With Kia Carnival for the target audience ready to argue:

Toyota Alphard,

Chrysler Pacifica.

The last model, by the way, is almost completely

We will have to fight «Korean» to compete for its market share and with cars of a more pronounced commercial orientation:

Volkswagen Multivan

also S.

Favorable advantages

What new Kia Carnival is ready to surpass competitors? The model has several important differences. This car was originally done as an intermediate link between the minivan and crossover: «Crosswen»! And such changes were taken into account both in the design of cars and in a number of technical features.

We give some of the most important, iconic differences:

Interestingly, if in the first row it seems that you are in the salon of the standard crossover, then the sensations of 2 and 3 rows are completely different. Everything is subordinated to the maximum comfort, disorder and convenience.

Selection options

Great news:

You can choose a car in 7 local (more comfortable) and 8-seater options.

What do you think, have a perspective model in the Russian market, taking into account the minimum cost of the car in the basic configuration — 2.6 million rubles.