Goodbye, Mercedes.


The story of a last generation of the van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic in Russia ended. Official dealers sold the last commercial vehicles issued under contract assembly on a gas group conveyor in Nizhny Novgorod.

Recall that the history of the interaction of an eminent German automaker and the largest domestic producer of commercial equipment began in the prexication of 2010. Two producers agreed to release the last generation of the commercial car Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. In order not to be confused with the current and last generation of this model, I had to approve the name of Classic to the title.

The agreement between Daimler AG and the GAZ group was signed in 2010, and the first car parties of the vehicles saw the light in 2013. A conveyor was brought from the Argentine branch and was mounted in the shop of Nizhny Novgorod gas.

Project capacity was supposed to be 25 thousand cars per year. What is important, in the project of cooperation between two auto hydhygigants, an in-depth localization was provided. So, at the production site of the GAZ Group in Yaroslavl was

A joint project with gas, the Daimler concern has invested more than 100 million euros in the adaptation of the product, production processes and the sales network. Investments in the project by GAZ Group amounted to more than 90 million euros.

The project promised excellent results of cooperation with Daimler. Gas and YMZ were able to confirm the exit to the level of the best standards of world auto industries. The gas group upgraded 100 thousand square meters of production and logistics facilities, built new colors and stamping workshops, which are used today for the production of gas cars, and has introduced a quality system that is used at all Mercedes plants in the world.

For the Gas Group, this was really an introduction to high standards for the production of the leading global manufacturer of commercial equipment. And for the Germans, this is a typical practice when the previous generation cars continue their conveyor life in a developing world.

Today, the reason for stopping production in Mercedes-Benz AG is called the fact that Sprinter Classic currently «does not meet customer expectations.» Indeed, a somewhat outdated «sprinter» looked against the background of other more recent competitors old-fashioned.

However, the contract that could be extended, the parties did not extend. The GAZ group entered the SDN-List of the United States and in relation to it there is another deferment on the introduction of sanctions, speaking by normal language, the domestic engineering company has fallen into the sanctions lists of the US Ministry of Finance. According to reports of knowledgeable sources, the conveyor at which the commercial Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic was assembled was already dismantled, and the release of «springs» was stopped last year.

In the future, Mercedes-Benz Vans will focus on promoting and selling an existing current model range to meet expectations of existing and potential customers. The portfolio includes the latest generation of Sprinter, Minivan V-Class and Vito. Thanks to cooperation with Russian bodies producers based on Mercedes-Benz low-tonnage cars, minibuses, ambulances, cars with refrigeration plants, armored cars and many other modifications are available on the local market. The Mercedes-Benz Vans division has 54 official dealerships in Russia throughout the country.