Goodbye Datsun.


On December 10, the serial release of cars of the Datsun brand was over the assembly corpus «SCP-KALINA» AvtoVAZ. The conveyor of domestic auto giant left the last car of the Japanese brand. Now Russian brand dealers will only sell inventory, after which the life cycle of the brand in the Russian Federation will be completely completed and only a page will remain in the country’s automotive history about the unborn revival of the legendary Japanese brand.

When the Japanese Nissan Corporation at the beginning of the Decade declared the Renaissance of this brand, then as the priority markets were

Moreover, the Renaissance strategy in each of them was significantly different. In particular,

Recall the Lada Granta car saw the light in 2011, and Kalina survived restyling in 2013. Then in 2014 and in 2015, the release of two Datsun models on-DO and MI-DO hatchback began on the same production facilities. Despite the fact that domestic and Japanese cars were based on the same platform, they differed out the design of the front and rear parts (in addition, the focus of the ON-DO sedan was slightly longer than the Granta sedan), as well as the list of options. AvtoVAZ engineers said that innovations for the quality of assembly and equipment initially introduced Renault-Nissan are then embedded in the Ladakh.

And at the beginning of 2020, the ON-DO sedan was subjected to facelifting, but all the update was reduced to the fact that the front part of the body became a malfunction with Hatchback Mi-Do. At the same time, the first unofficial data on the care of the brand from Russia appeared. This information provoked a drop in sales of the Japanese brand. If at the end of 2019, 22.5 thousand «Datsunov» and 135.8 thousand Lada Granta were sold, and one «Grant» accounted for one «Datsun», then this year the ratio was one to eight (111,0706 Lada Granta and 13 848 Datsun for 11 months. 2020).

Recall that in the framework of the Economic Health Strategy of the Japanese company Nissan announced at the end of May, there was no place for the concern in the future.

But that’s what’s interesting, almost a year ago Datsun stopped letting out in Indonesia. Now the turn of Russia. However, the Japanese brand remains the last bastion — India. In the midst of a pandemic in May debuted the updated budget hatchback Datsun Redi-Go. This five-door Datsun has a length of … 3435 mm. But this is normal for the Indian market.

But what model has become the final chord Datsun, so this is a Magnite crossover. He has a good prospects for the market. Therefore, literally at the last moment, a promising crossover was renamed Nissan Magnite. The key market for him will be India, so the length of the machine will be no more than four meters (weighty benefits are provided on the Indian market). The production of production is scheduled for early 2021. It is assumed that Magnite will appear outside of India. As for Russia, it is still unknown.

Today, after the last Datsun left the conveyor of the production of «SCP Kalina» here, here the only model remains Lada Granta in four versions of the body (sedan, elefbeck, hatchback and wagon). As it became known, soon the family of «Grant» expects serious modernization —